Do you get enough sleep?

Our sleep patterns have been really off lately. Usually, I don’t have any trouble sleeping. I do like to get 8 hours of sleep! We have been going to bed really early lately. Brian gets so tired and I know that he thinks that if he goes to bed it’s one day closer to the end of his recovery! I know several people that can survive on just 5 hours of sleep. I don’t know how they do it. I am cranky and tired all day long if I don’t get my sleep.

How do you know if you are getting enough sleep?

If you are not getting enough sleep then you may experience some of these symptoms:

memory problems


drowsiness during the day

weakening of your immune system

increased perception of pain

So, how do you get a better night’s sleep?

go to bed at the same time every night

establish a bedtime routine

limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine

get regular exercise – try not to exercise too close to bedtime

eat a healthy diet, but don’t eat for 2-3 hours before bed

try not to nap during the day

I know that when I sleep better not only do I feel better, but I look better and have so much more energy.

Right now our bedtime routine is the same every night. Brian gets his meds starting at 7:30 pm, then takes his ambien right before bed. Brian likes to sleep with the TV on. I don’t recommend this. You can get distracted by the TV and not fall asleep as easily. But, it is what it is….

What is your bedtime routine and how many hours of sleep do you require?

A little comic relief!

My son Jake, 18, hurt himself at the beginning of the year. That is not the comic relief by the way! He was messing with a shotgun shell and it exploded and hit him in the neck. Thank God he wasn’t hurt bad, but the shell casing caught him in the neck. We rushed him to the hospital and he had to have a minor surgical procedure a few months later. This is how our day went:

first thing in the morning – about 5:45 –

me: did you take a shower?
Jake: no, why should I?
me: the dr said to take a shower and wash your hari and neck before your surgery.
Jake: can’t I just tell him I did?
Me: get in the shower
Jake: oh, okay

Jake gets out of shower – oh, there wasn’t any soap in there.

before surgery:

Me: did I tell you the story about dad falling yesterday?
Jake: no, is it funny?
Me: tell the story
Jake: that is the funniest thing ever
Jake: uuoop (the sound Brian made before he hit the floor)

Brian comes into the room

Jake: uuooop
Jake: uuooop
Jake: uuoop
Brian – Jake, are you okay?
Jake: laughing uncontrollably
Brian: what is so funny?
Jake: can’t talk he’s laughing so hard
me: I told him that you fell yesterday getting out of the shower
Brian: why is he making that noise?
me: that is what you sounded like before you hit the floor
Jake: trying to breathe through the laughter

Jake gets his drugs before they take him into surgery

Jake: I can’t see straight
me: it’s the drugs
Jake: I think I can read the eye chart
me: what eye chart?
Jake: E
Brian: uncontrollable laughter

Jake giggling on his way to surgery

Jake after the surgery is over
Nurse: do you know these people
Jake: what people?
me: we are right here
me: does it hurt?
Jake: NO, hands Brian the cup with the metal out of his neck
Brian: inspects it and asks Jake what part of the shotgun shell it is
Jake: what are you talking about?
Nurse: he won’t remember any of this and will repeat himself several times
Jake: hands Brian the cup with the metal in it – look at this
Brian: you already showed it to me
Jake: no I didn’t goes to sleep
Jake: how does my neck look?
me: I don’t know it has a bandage on it
Jake: chicks dig it
Nurse laughing
Nurse: Jake, you need to get dressed to go home
Jake: why? is it over?
Nurse: yes it’s over and you are going home now
Jake: do you have a mirror? chicks dig this stuff
Jake: I’m starving – can we stop at Taco Bell?
me: not sure that is a good idea. How about some soup when we get home
Jake: I hate soup
me: you might throw up Taco Bell
me: okaaaay

At the Taco Bell drive-thru

Brian: what do you want to eat?
Jake: I can’t remember the name of it
me: a burrito? refried beans?
Jake: nachos bell grande
Brian: are you sure
Jake: yes
taco Bell employee: here’s your change, have a blessed day
Jake: why does he want us to take the bus?

Get home and he is eating his nacho and burrito

he is scooping the chips and he missed the side of the bowl – he uses his whole arm to get the bean stuff on the chip.
me: do you need a napkin
Jake: no why?

he now rubs his nose and has the stuff on his face
me: you have food all over your arm, hand and face
Jake: no I don’t
me: yes – look at your arm
Jake: oh, can I have a napkin

his phone rings, he answers it

Jake: yeah
mumbling I can’t understand
Jake: I got some pain meds
Jake: belches extremely loud and long – laughs
Jake: that was funny
Brian: maybe you should get off the phone
Jake: looks at Brian and belches again very long and very loud
Jake: uncontrollable laughter
Jake: to the phone – I gotta go

After that he laid down and slept for a few hours. He doesn’t have any memory of any of this now. I’m glad that we can laugh about this now!

Enjoy your day!

Health at the Hospital????

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

I am amazed that the hospitals haven’t caught on yet to healthy eating. I mean seriously, the first meal they give my hubby after his motorcycle accident and 2 surgeries was roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy and canned green beans, white bread and margarine. Are you kidding me? That is going to help him heal?

Meredith had the same problem after having the baby. You would think the hospital would know foods that are going to promote healing and actually be healthy for you.

Luckily, I know a little about healthy eating and can encourage them to eat better and provide them with the foods that will help them to heal faster. I really believe that is part of the reason why Brian is healing so quickly. The doctors have been amazed at how well he is doing just one month post-accident.

What can you do to help yourself? Eat whole foods! Stay away from dairy, red meat and processed foods. Drink a LOT of water. Eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. No sodas. That is one thing the hospitals really pushed. They wanted Brian to drink diet sodas. WHAT?????

Some of the best foods to eat:

Grapes, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, kiwis, olive oil, celery, ginger, garlic, curry powder, eggplant, nuts, tuna, salmon, mackerel, black and green tea. Cherries are a natural pain reliever. Tomatoes are great for their lycopene, a powerful anti-oxidant.

Foods rich in vitamin C (citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis, peppers) and vitamin E (nuts, olive oil) have anti-inflammatory effects. Omega-3 rich fish oil and fatty salt-water fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel) also fight inflammation, besides the widespread publicity in recent years of such fish benefiting both heart and brain health. Turmeric has also been shown to prevent inflammtion.

I also recommend taking fish oil. At least 1000 mg daily to prevent inflammation. For everyone, even if you don’t have any health problems. Beachbody sells a great fish oil:

Beachbody’s Core Omega-3™

Give your body the support it needs for optimal heart, brain, and joint health with our premium fish oil supplement packed with 1,000 mg of critical fatty acids.*

Do what’s best for your heart and health!

It’s hard to get enough healthy fish in your diet, but this high-quality omega-3 fish oil supplement contains 600 mg of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 400 mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) per serving—that’s science talk meaning a daily dose is similar to getting the health benefits of an average serving of salmon steak! Studies have shown that consuming omega-3 fatty acids—especially DHA and EPA—may help reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.* In today’s high-stress/fast food world, that’s a very big deal! In fact, the American Heart Association recommends getting at least two servings of fatty fish a week to support cardiovascular health.

Core Omega-3 may be beneficial for:*
Promoting healthy heart function
Promoting healthy blood pressure
Promoting healthy blood viscosity and cardiovascular health
Promoting healthy joints
Promoting healthy immune function
Promoting healthy brain and nerve function
Supporting and maintaining healthy retina and eye function

When will the hospitals and doctors catch on to the best ways to eat for healing? I’m just glad that my family will listen to me and eat what I suggest! Most of the time anyway!!

Visit to get your Core Omega 3!!

Madelyn Grayce has made her arrival!

Welcome to the world Madelyn!!

We have had a perfect day today! Chase and Meredith checked in to the hospital bright and early this morning. At 2:15 Miss Madelyn made her mark on the world! She is absolutely beautiful and was very alert and taking it all in. She let us all know when she was upset. She likes to be bundled up and warm. We took a bunch of photos and just can’t stop smiling. Mom and Dad are pretty proud and all the grandparents are just as proud!

Insanity – Day 2

I just finished Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Talk about exhausting. Allen and I are doing this together and I’m glad I have someone there to push me through the workouts! This one is tough and really does make you DIG DEEPER! Tomorrow is our big day! The new grandbaby will be here. I can’t wait to meet Miss Madelyn. Chase and Meredith will be going in to the hospital at 5 AM in the morning. The dr. thinks Madelyn will be here by 1:00 PM. So much excitement. I’ll be sure to post a LOT of pictures 🙂 Brian is getting better every day. Today we had a big day. We went in the car and ran all his errands. I am having a hard time getting my job done with having to do all his errands!! I need to clone myself these days, but we are making it!!

Insanity Fit Test

Wow, I just finished the Insanity Fit Test. I can really tell that I haven’t done much working out for the last few weeks. It was brutal. Thank goodness for the recovery drink. I needed it!

The fit test started out with a warm up. Then we moved into the actual test. Each move is 1 minute long and you do as many as you can in that time frame. Then we did a cool down and stretch.

Here are my results:

Switch Kicks – 56
Power Knees – 81
Power Jumps – 18
Squat Jacks -46
Globe Jumps – 6
Suicide Jumps – 12
Push up Jacks – 15
Low Plank Oblique – 40

I’ll start the actual workouts tomorrow. I hope that I am up for this! I was so wiped out after the fit test!

Tomorrow will be Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I have done this workout before, so I know what I am in store for. 🙂

Beachbody brings in 20,000 – 30,000 new customers every week. We need your help!! If you have a desire to help other people get fit and healthy and want to do that yourself, think about becoming a coach. Get paid to get in the best shape of your life. You don’t need a degree in nutrition or be a personal trainer, just want to help others and work on your own health and fitness levels. Contact me for more information!

25 Years!

Today is our 25th anniversary! This is such a milestone, but especially for us this year after Brian’s accident 3 weeks ago! I am so glad that he is still here and progressing as quickly as he is. We got married very young and are so lucky that we knew we were “right” for each other then. We had a baby right away and now we are expecting our first grandbaby. 4 more days until Madelyn gets here. We can’t wait. We have planned a big dinner with the kids tonight. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!

We have certainly been through a lot in our 25 years. 3 great kids, a wondeful daughter-in-law and so many memories. It has truly been a blessing to be married to the love of your life and your best friend. I can’t wait to see what the next 25 years brings!

I’m off to get my monthly massage this morning. It will be so nice, but I’ll be leaving Brian home alone for a while, so I’m hoping I won’t be worrying the whole time. He promises me he will be fine. I’m sure he will 🙂

Getting Back to the Basics

Since Brian’s accident, I haven’t been very good at getting my workouts in. I’ve been eating on the run and sometimes not making the best choices. I KNOW! I know better and even though I have lost weight through this whole experience, it wasn’t the healthy way and certainly not the way I intended to.

Monday I am going to re-start my Insanity workout. I had just completed Day 1 on the 31st, when my world fell apart for a short time. Brian actually helped me out that morning and did my counts for the fit test. I am going to start completely over Monday.

I’m so excited to get back to my workout and eating routine. I have the Insanity food plan worked out and will be getting my groceries this weekend. I love that the plan includes vegetarians and gives suggestions for replacements for meat and dairy! I really can’t wait to see the results I will have in 60 days! Exercise really does keep me sane. I need that time to sweat, work out my frustrations and get that release that only comes from exercise.

I have a few friends that are going to join in the fun! Working out with friends is always more fun and I am more apt to stick with the plan this way!

I’d love to have you join with us. I will post my daily workout and food journal here. Feel free to do the same or you can join me over on the Beachbody message boards. You can do whatever workout you’d like and eat clean. You don’t have to eat a vegetarian diet, just eat healthy!!

I really need to get back to my water drinking. That is another thing that has fallen off track. Now that Brian doesn’t require my constant attention, I am back!

Here is a little sneak peek at what is in store for me:

Be sure to stop by and check out my Beachbody webpage at