It’s been a week!

We’ve had a pretty stressful week at our place.  I don’t see it getting much better for a while, but we are dealing with it the best we can.

Some happier highlights:

Nick and Lauren bought a new to them truck and came by to get us for a test drive.  We ended up going out to dinner and had a good time.  Tried the new Chinese buffet in Webb City.  Not too bad, I liked the Mongolian BBQ.  I could get whatever veggies I wanted and they cook them for you right there.  Pretty tasty!  Of course the best part of the meal is the fortune cookies at the end.  I don’t eat them, but I like the fortunes.

I’ve been doing my P90X2 workouts.  They are HARD, but getting a bit easier each time.  I started a fit club class at OCC at 3 PM on Tues and Thurs.  3 people showed up on Thursday.  That made me happy!  I’d love to have you join us if you are local.  We are doing cardio each time and will be sticking with Body Gospel for now.

Went to dinner with friends last night.  Ate at Pacific Rim.  Hmmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here.  It was really good and then we went to see One for the Money.  It was good and we laughed.  Much needed!

Movie was good, but the books are always better for me!  If you haven’t read these books, pick them up today. You won’t be sorry. 

I’ve been doing a lot of reading.  Finished Taming Mad Max (cute), Cupcake (funny) and some other heavier research reading (not so fun). 

Have you read anything good lately?  If you have the Kindle, Nook or just the kindle app on your computer or phone, be sure to check out for all kinds of really good free books.  Trust me, there is something there for everyone.

Got some new cookbook reviews coming up.  We are going to be changing out diet routines up and I’m excited to try new things.  One good thing that has come out of this week!

Tomorrow is Nick’s birthday.  Another big day planned and will be sure to be fun!  I’ll take photos!

Makin’ it work

I’m having a makin’ it work type of day.

Got up super early for an appointment.   I made it work by taking a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

The appointment went well, we headed to Grove to see Brian’s parents.  Had a nice lunch with them and we were on our way home when I decided I needed my sunglasses. 

Decided I would make it work instead of stopping to get a new pair, however Brian got a kick out of looking at me…

Ran home, got ready for fit club class at OCC and no one showed up.  Makin’ it work by doing a workout with a friend tonight!

See, I can make it work, no matter the situation…..

Catching up

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted and most of it not so great!  We got the flu.  Boy, it was not a fun time.

I think I last posted on Tuesday when I had Madelyn, she was sick and stayed with me and gave us her bug…..

We had a pretty good time together on Tuesday even though she wasn’t feeling too great.  We made muffins

In case you noticed the microwave in the photo above, I pulled the handle off (again).  Don’t even know my own strength….  Brian fixed it – I thought the redneck way, but he glued it and then taped it to hold it until the glue dried. 

Wednesday, I had Mads again, she was feeling a bit better.  we were feeling so-so…

Thursday was Chase’s birthday.  My oldest turned 27.  OMGness, how can that be, I know I’m not a day over 30……  He called and canceled his birthday dinner, said he wasn’t feeling so great.  I had made the cake, but not finished it and was moving a little slow anyway.  By that evening, all hell had broke loose for me and Brian.

It was not pleasant, we are still recovering.  Allen, Hermina and Nick came to our rescue and dropped off a few care packages on the front porch.  I don’t blame them for not wanting to come in…

Last night we all felt well enough to have dinner together.

  I had lysol’d the whole house down several times and that was Chase’s first comment when he walked in the door.  “Smells like lysol in here!”  That made me feel good! HA!  Chase requested roast beef ring and chocolate cake with cherries ( THE birthday cake, apparently).  I made that , made noodles and mashed potatoes for Brian and I and everyone was sipping Sprite.  Jake looks around and asks why everyone is acting weird.  We ALL looked at him weird and asked what he meant.  He didn’t know anyone had been sick and very politely informed us that if he got sick, he was going to visit each and every one of us to share it back….  I’m not worried, he won’t be able to get out of bed!  I KNOW!

I’m planning on getting back to my workout routine today.  I may be slow and not get it all done perfectly ( who am I kidding?  I don’t get it done perfectly on my BEST day!), but I am going to give a try.

Not the best way to lose weight at all.  I don’t recommend it!

Another week begins and this one HAS to be better right? Oh, maybe I shouldn’t say that and jinx it…

We had a blast in Dallas.  There is nothing better in my opinon, than connecting with other peoplethat want to better themselves.  I got to listen to one of my mentors, Jeff Olson, author of The Slight Edge! 

Mom and I headed out early on Friday and got to Dallas in time for a GREAT mexican lunch feast!  I had the veggie tacos (delish!) and mom had the brisket tacos (she said they were also yummy!)  They had the most interesting entry way.  The light fixture was HUGE!

We went on to get checked into the hotel and this was waiting for us on our beds….  loved it.

Since we have relatives in town, we visited Ruth and Aunt Dorothy for a bit.  Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see them while we were in town.

 We did pretty good driving in Dallas, it wasn’t too bad or busy, UNTIL Friday night on our way home from Ruth and Dorothy’s.  Someone had the brilliant idea to take I-635 from 6 lanes to 1 lane.  It took us 1 1/2 hours to go 4 miles.  GEEZ!!

Saturday was a FULL day!  Met up with my friend Dani ( how is it I didn’t get a photo of us????)  Then we went in for the conference. 

We learned so much, had a great time and of course, spending time with my Mom is always the best!!

It was a LONG day, but sooo worth it. 

Jeff Olson is so motivating, now to put it all to work for me!

Sunday was a day of traveling and I’ve been recovering and taking care of Miss Madelyn, she hasn’t been feeling well and had to stay home from preschool.  We’ve been busy, but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow! 

Have a great day!

Road trip!

I’ve been busy in the office this morning!  Trying to get the last minute things done before I go on my Dallas trip!  I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon and picking up Mom and then we will be on our way Friday morning bright and early.


Brian will have to “bach” it this weekend.  I’m hoping he will have something to occupy his time….  wait a minute, what am I saying???? LOL!!!

 I see trouble with a capital T!!!

I’m going to Dallas for business training.  I’ll be learning and can not wait to see what is in store for us!  So many great things coming up this year for Nerium International!  If you are in the Dallas area and would like to join me, get in touch right away and I’ll reserve a spot for you!!  You will have a blast  – I promise!

Remember that if you are local and would like to take the 5 day challenge, all you have to do is let me know.  I will get you a 5 day sample and you can try it for yourself and see what amazing results YOU can get!

If you are unsure how to apply your Nerium, take a look at this video and see just how easy it is!  She also answers some common questions.

If you want to try it, let me know and if you want to order, contact me as well, so I can direct you to the best option.  If the video doesn’t load for you just try this link:

Also, remember, we have a 3 UR Free program.  Refer 3 of your friends on auto-ship in one month and you get your next month’s product for free ( just pay shipping charges!)  You can NOT beat that price!

Off to get packed!

Today’s Challenge:

Your challenge today is to not eat meat. Instead, eat beans, veggies, fruit, whole grains and brown rice or wheat pasta… but no red meat, chicken or fish. Come on…it’s only one day. If you already had bacon and eggs for breakfast, then start your challenge at lunch and continue through breakfast tomorrow. You can do it!

Jake’s big day!

Well, we celebrated Jake’s birthday in style – Buffalo Wild Wings Style that is!  It is his favorite place to go, so we all met up and since he is now 21 and of legal drinking age, his dad bought him a beer!  It’s just a bit strange, but all is good!

We had some great family time,

he opened his gifts and the we left him with his buddies to have fun the rest of the night.  ( I probably didn’t want to see the rest of the night….)

I forgot to post yesterday’s challenge on here, so sorry about that.  You guys need to remind me when I do something like that.  It’s okay to let me know 😉

Yesterday’s Challenge:

Today, your challenge is to go for a 25-minute walk before you go to bed tonight. By now, you’ve probably figured out that we’re slowly increasing the amount of time you spend walking or running each day. This will gradually build your endurance and enable you to sustain activity for longer periods of time. You can do it!
Today’s Challenge:
Today’s challenge is all about our posture! When we slump and sink into your chair, it comprises our health. YES, it does! Good Posture helps you to breathe properly, increases your mental clarity, improves your image, makes you feel better about yourself, avoids health problems such as back issues and poor circulation. To have good posture, stand up and align your ears, shoulders and hips. No slouching or slumping when sitting either. Align your back with the back of the chair and keep your shoulders straight. Do a few exercises today to strengthen your back. Stretching, yoga, ballet moves are all good. Stand up for your health ~ Good luck!

So, we are caught up and you can do these a day behind or double them up….  your call!

I’ll be able to post earlier in the day tomorrow, today was such a busy day for me, I am just now getting to sit down for a few minutes.

So, I’m off to get on a team call, just one last thing before I can really relax today.  I’ve already gotten my 10,000 steps, my workouts are done, my food journal is up to date and I’m done. D.O.N.E.!

Talk to you tomorrow!  Enjoy your evening and hug your family!

funtimes and Jake’s birthday!

We had a busy, but fun weekend!  Friday we picked Mads up and went for a little fun outing.  Errands, lunch and the park.  We have been so blessed to have such wonderful weather for January.  I have a feeling that it is going to get nasty and cold soon, but I am going to enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!

Madelyn was fascinated with our shadows!  Take a picture Nona!!  We had a blast, but I think Madelyn was more than ready for her nap!

Saturday was a girls day out!  We hit the road for a day of shopping and girl fun!

 We tried to find the most outrageous headbands.  I think we succeeded!  Charming Charlie is a fun place, I got a new purse and a couple of necklaces and I got a couple of outfits for my Dallas trip this weekend!

Had to try the martini flight.  Lemon drop, blue moon punch and Adam and Eve Apple.  Good and just right for tasting!

When we got home from shopping Brian was waiting and we ran out the door to dinner with friends.  We had a blast and laughed our heads off, mostly at Brian’s antics!  He is a little high maintainence, just sayin’!

Sunday was a down day, I got my walking done, did a little cooking and just took it easy!  Reading and relaxing were the orders of the day!

Today is my baby’s 21st birthday!  Happy Birthday Jakey!  Love you bunches!!! 

Have a good laugh….

Did you know that a recent Japanese study, listening to your favorite music or just laughing for one hour every other week can lower your blood pressure by 5-6 points in three months.  It is comparable to cutting salt from your diet or losing 10 lbs, but a LOT more fun!!!   Isn’t that interesting, I love to laugh and listen to music!  So, I guess that I am doing my body some good every day!!!

Of course being married to Mr. FunnyMan Moritz helps, but there are a lot of ways to laugh.  Rent a funny movie, read those phone autocorrect messages gone wrong  ( I had tears rolling, I was laughing so hard)  (NOTICE:  Some of these are a little on the dirty side, so be forewarned)  or just hang out with your favorite funny person.  But, just get to laughing.  It’s good for you in many ways – lift your spirits and good for your bod!

Another way to lift your spirits is to put on your favorite music and dance around.  I mean really get down and dance!  Don’t worry about looking silly, I have to say, I love to watch Madelyn dance around, she just moves her body and doesn’t care.  We like to be silly anyway, so we just dance!  It’s fun and you get your heart rate up and you will be in a good mood. 

So, laugh it up today and everyday!!

This weekend’s challenge:  just in case you don’t get a chance to check in here at Feeling Fit with Dana on the weekend’s

Your fitness challenge is to go for a 20-minute walk. Your second challenge is another great way to lower your stress level. Recent medical research has shown that laughter can reduce stress and boost the immune system. So I want you to rent a funny movie and enjoy it with your friends or family. Have a good laugh, it’s healthy. And for your nutrition challenge, visit a Farmer’s Market and pick a fruit or vegetable you HAVE NEVER tried before! Get adventurous. Who knows, you may find your new favorite food.
So here we go, 20-minute walk or run, rent a comedy for some laughs, and try a new vegetable or fruit.

Stuck in a food rut?

How often do you eat the same thing?  Day after day, stuck in a food rut?  I am somewhat guilty of this and decided that I want to try new recipes and also to try new fruits and veggies. 

I was at the grocery store yesterday and picked up a star fruit.  Have you ever tried one? I’ve had it one time before.  The kids were much younger and really enjoyed trying something new.  It was fun and the starfruit even tasted good.  The kids were really surprised!

 Not the most appealing looking fruit, huh?

But when you cut it, it is shaped like stars.  Fun!  It tastes a bit like a cross between an apple and a pear.  A little tart, but crunchy.  I really do like it.

So, the next time you are at the grocery store, pick up a fruit or veggie you have never tried and give it a go, let’s get ourselves out of the same ol’, same ol’!

Yesterday’s challenge was to eat 2 servings of fruit.  Sorry that I didn’t get here to post it, the day just got away from me.  I had so much to get done!

Today’s challenge:

Your nutrition challenge today is to eat healthy whole grains. White bread and rice are empty calories, so instead eat some whole grain bread with your sandwich or brown rice with your meal. This is a great healthy habit to start today.
Be good to your self today!
You can do these at any time you want to challenge yourself and get caught up!!!
I did challenge myself yesterday in that I did Total Body Blast with Chalene Johnson in the morning and then my regular P90X2 workout, Plyocide (doesn’t that name just sound scary?) in the evening.  I’m working out with 2 different friends at different times of the day and it is a bit of a challenge for me, but I am so excited to be back on track!

So, a little challenge for you – get out your favorite cook book and pick a recipe you have not used, make it this weekend and let me know how you and your family likes it!  Let’s quit eating the same foods day in and day out.  Be adventurous!!!

I’ve been using my crock pot and my new favorite cookbook (The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester) and trying at least one new recipe per week.

Also, you can find all kinds of fun and interesting recipes on pinterest.  Are you on pinterest?  Let me know and we can follow each other.  Just watch those recipes, most of them are not the healthiest!!

2012 Vision

I finally got my vision board done last night!  I am so excited about how it turned out, I never really know until I start putting it together!! 

I really am looking forward to 2012 and to see what this year brings.  Last year was such a year of ups and downs for our area, so I’m looking forward!

The last couple of weeks have flown by and I didn’t get on here to let you know what I was up to.  I got together with friends and had so much fun. 

Nothing better than friends to lift you up!  Thanks guys!

Yesterday’s workouts were Power 90 UML and P90X2 XCore and my walk.  I am pretty sore today.  Had to do a little stretching before getting out of bed this morning!!

Today’s Challenge:

 Your challenge is to not drink any liquid calories. That means no sodas, sports drinks, sugary coffee drinks, teas or juices. These drinks are major contributors to the obesity epidemic. For today just drink water, either sparkling or still, plain iced tea or black coffee.

Good luck!!! You can do it!

Discussion:  So how did you do yesterday?  Did you get your 10 min walk in?  If not, you still can get caught up today.  Just do it!