a berry pickin’ good time!

I started the day off EARLY, on my way with my good buddy to pick some berries!  I LOVE berries of any kind, but blackberries are one of my favorites!

Brenda’s Berries is a wonderful place to pick – no chiggers, no thorns!  My kind of berry pickin’!

The berries were just a bit juicy!  I had it on my shirt, my hands, down my leg – everywhere! Luckily it washed off easily!  But, I am sure that I looked a mess going into the coffee shop on our way home!

I also got a bunch of peaches and didn’t even have to pick them.

 Can you say cobbler, jam, grilled, sliced, oh, there are so many ways to eat them!

Madelyn, Meredith, Jake and Morgan stopped by for a swim and a visit.

Then it was time for a workout – Brazil Butt Lift, here I come, and friends for dinner and a swim.

No photos of the friend-filled evening, but we had a blast.  Quinoa salad, homemade guacamole, salsa, chips and Hermina made a delicious peach pie and we had peanut butter ice cream to go along with it!

Brian was out of town with his dad and a friend fishing.  I’ll be glad when he gets home today!

I haven’t seen the hawks again, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for them.    I’ve been taking the camera out with me in hopes they will be around again.

Praying for all my friends in Colorado Springs.  Brian and I have been there on vacation the last two years and have fallen in love with the place.

A lot of steps!

I did a LOT of stepping yesterday….

I challenged my sister in sweat, Marsha, to a 100 floor climb day!  The most I had ever done was 50, so this was a great challenge for me!  
Glad to say that we both kicked butt!

My fitbit page showed I had climbed the Nureck Dam!!

In between all the stepping and stair climbing, I managed to get my toenails painted.  They turned out pretty cute even if I do say so myself….

I am loving the turquoise for sure!

I also found some time to make vegan hot fudge sauce.  My sweet tooth has been mis-behaving like crazy lately.  But, when I saw this recipe, I knew I HAD to make it and try it!

It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish to make this.  I found the recipe online.
Fast Hot Fudge Sauce

1 cup sugar

6 tablespoons cocoa

3 tablespoons cornstarch

1 cup hot water

3 tablespoons butter (I used margarine w/ no problems) – I used Earth Balance

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla


1 Stir everything together in a pot.

2 Bring to a boil, stirring occassionally.

3 Enjoy.

AND Enjoy it we did!  I had a hot fudge milkshake made with So Delicious Coconut milk ice cream and it was WONDERFUL!!!!  Brian had a chocolate hot fudge shake and was in heaven 🙂 He’s more of a choc-o-holic than I am!!

I will definitely make this recipe again!!!

I didn’t get any photos, but never fear, there WILL be another chance for a photo opp!

Today has been a full day – Brian is off for a guy’s fishing trip and I have been picking, cooking, and getting ready for my workout.  A swim with friends and  I’m also thinking that I’ll be watching this too!  

Sounds like a good night to me!

It’s HOT!

Oh my, it was a busy day yesterday!  I hit the ground running and didn’t stop all day long!

It is really hot here, from what I have seen on the little bit of news I have seen, it is hot in a LOT of places!

We’ve been enjoying the pool, soaking up some A/C and just taking it easy as much as possible.  Drinking a TON of water.  My goal is to get a gallon in every day.  I’ve been short the last few days.  Only got 96 ounces!!!  BUT, it helps so much in this heat!

I met a friend for lunch and shopping at Ulta.  I have been looking for a natural, organic moisturizer and decided to go with Juice Beauty.  AND I got an adorable new nail polish color.  Madelyn is going to have to come over so we can be girly girls!  It’s not pink OR purple!

So loving the turquoise right now!

Then I got busy for the home party palooza!  A few of my friends and I decided to host a home party and showcase all the different businesses!

I did Nerium, Meredith did Beachbody, Denisa did It Works Wraps and Lauren did Premiere Jewelry.  We also had a friend to do Mary Kay, but she couldn’t make it at the last minute.

My buddy Cole wanted to be in the photo, he was so cute.  Put his hand on his hip and said I’m posing…
Then he did this one for me.  I got his whole body in it
Too cute!

Beachbody goodies!  Meredith even made shakeology no bake cookies – no photo, they were gone in an instant!

Nerium Fun

I was so excited about getting wrapped up that I didn’t get a photo of Dee’s set up!  Sorry Dee!

So, I got a wrap.  It was interesting!!  Hot and Cold at the same time and smelled a lot like eucalyptus.  I lost  1 1/2 inches around my waist in 45 minutes.  Not bad…..  I would do it again!

The kids were fascinated with my “wrapped” belly!  Madelyn kept touching it and wanting to know what was on my belly!  And yes, I just posted a photo of my belly, thank goodness it is wrapped and you can’t see all of it.  I am 47 and have stretch marks you know!  (story for another day…..)

There was a brief musical interlude….  I was glad when Meredith sat down there, the kids music was a little lacking!
I was a little disappointed in the party.  We invited 160 people and we had 1 person show up.  It was pretty pathetic.  Do you like to go to home parties?  If not, please tell me why?  Do you feel pressured to purchase something?  Do you just not go because you are not interested in the product?  Do you not want to go just to socialize.  Trying to decide if I will have any more home parties….. I’d really appreciate the feedback!

Today there may have been a little stepping, a little vegan hot fudge making and a little toenail painting…..   Check back tomorrow for more excitement!

Girls Having Fun!

What a weekend.  It was fun, it was hot, it went by too fast!

Friday I headed to the lake.  We stopped to visit with Brian’s mom, Judy.  She is doing okay, not great, but okay.  She is getting weaker and is really tired.  But, in as good of spirits as she can be.

Then we just took it easy for the rest of the weekend.  Brian had to work on Saturday, so he headed back home and the girls headed to the lake for a fun-filled day!

While I waited for everyone to get there, I had a few special visitors:

It really is peaceful sitting there in nature!

We had a good time, swimming and visiting and of course eating!  Lots of yummy food.

How did I not get any photos of Denisa and Susan????  Sorry girls!  I fell down on my job!

 But the most fun was going to see Rock of Ages.  This is our time, the years of our youth ( well, maybe for some of us….)

We laughed our heads off and enjoyed the music.

When we got home, we started cooking dinner and of course had to have the 80’s rock music blaring.  There may have been some singing and dancing while cooking ( think:   The Big Chill….)  FUN!

Since the girls were all together, I took advantage of them to give a new product a try.

Bai 5 

I got two samples, Panama Peach and Sumatra Dragonfruit….

As you can see from my photo, one is full, one is empty.  Brian promptly drank one, without even letting me get a taste…. can’t trust him at all LOL! 
He really liked it – obviously!  The girls and I all tried the peach flavored one and everyone really liked it.  It isn’t overpowering in flavor, just right.  I like that it has NO artifical ingredients and is sweetened with stevia.  I am trying to avoid refined sugar, so this is a good thing!   I would definitely purchase it and drink it again.  I look foward to trying more of the flavors!
It is made with coffeefruit – check out their website for more info on the exotic ingredients!
Bai on Facebook and Twitter.
Give it a try today, you won’t be sorry!  Everyone needs to have their anti-oxidants.  This is a tasty way to get yours!
When I got home yesterday we had some visitors here too!  We were in the pool when we saw the first one, then when I grabbed the camera to take a photo, I saw there were actually TWO!  So cool!
One on the log and one on the tractor!
Yes we live in town and have a tractor….

I am thinking they must have a nest nearby, but not sure.  I’ll keep you posted.  If you know anything about them, share the info!

What’s YOUR number?

Yesterday was a low key day for me.  That is ok, I have to have these kinds of days occasionally.  BUT, I got a TON of things on my to-do list done.

We also got our new dishwasher and trash compactor installed.  They both went out around the same time.  So, I am excited about my new appliances.  Is that even possible to be excited about new appliances????  I know that I am glad that the dishwasher will not take 4 hours to run and the trash will be compacted again! LOL!!!

As exciting as it is:  here’s a shot of the compactor….

 Check out my delivery from yesterday:  So excited to give these a try!

One thing I did try and love – Mimic Creme whipped topping.  I miss whip cream.  Since I don’t have dairy anymore, I don’t eat whipped cream.  Imagine my surprise when I found some Mimic Creme at the health food store.  Of course, I HAD to try it.


I’m going to be doing a post on a new drink.

I’ve decided to bring back the Friday Fit Challenge!  I know, you have missed it, right?  But, this blog is about being fit and healthy and I want everyone to feel that way!  So, you don’t get off the hook that easy!!

So, I am bringing back my ABSOLUTE favorite exercise to get fit – Yes, PUSHUPS!  

No, not this kind:

Did you eat these as a kid?  I loved them!


Keep your back straight, your hips level and your core in.  

Today is all about those arms and building up our strength.  The goal is to do as MANY as you can.  These can be done on toes, on knees, against a countertop – however you can do them.  Do as many as you can, take a break and then do more!

Pushups also work your core and I know that everyone wants to work on their core!

I’d love to hear how many you do.  If you can only do 1, that is ok.  I will be so happy that you participated!

What is YOUR number?

a little getaway!

Brian and I had the RV worked on and we had to get it all checked out to make sure it was working.  We really did…..

So, we took off yesterday and headed to Eureka Springs, AR!  Why not, right?

We had a great time, as usual.

at Turpentine Creek, saw all the rescued animals, but couldn’t pass up the extra large chair!
The tigers were my favorites

The Natural Bridge

Brian is holding up Pivot Rock
Going up the TALL tower… lots of steps for the fitbit!

Christ of the Ozarks from the top of the tower

At the top!  We made it, now to just get down…

It’s pretty high up here, the stairs are a little narrow too…

Christ of the Ozarks at sunrise, stunning!

I drove the RV for the first time, it was scary, but I did it!!

Home again and the RV is cleaned and ready to go on the next trip… when, where????

Decisions, Decisions!!  Soon for sure!

Good friends, good times!

Wow, we had a GREAT weekend!  First up was a party for our friends Danny and Linda.  They got married, so we had to celebrate!

Good friends, good times!

Then on Sunday, we headed to Grove to spend some time with Bill for Father’s Day.

  Luckily, Judy felt well enough to join us!

Brian decided that he wanted to go to Cupcakes by Liz and get some goodies to enjoy for Father’s Day!  He got there and all they had left was ONE cake, so he got the pink one!  Isn’t is so manly looking.

I don’t think the dad’s cared much, it was heavenly!

It was a good Father’s Day.

 The only way it could’ve been GREAT was if I could have spent time with my daddy!  I will see him in a few weeks though!

We came home and hung out with the kids by the pool.  They liked the grilled pizzas so well that they wanted to do it again.  It may be our new Sunday tradition.

I found a GREAT sub for soda.  It tastes like a ginger ale to me and oh, so much better for you!

2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar ( I like Bragg’s)
juice of one lemon

add to carbonated or sparkling water ( I use the soda stream)

I also like mine a little bit sweeter, so I added some stevia drops!  (I like NuNaturals)

Soooo yummy!  I haven’t had soda in a LONG time, so it was a nice, refreshing change of pace!


Pool party of one or two

Pool party time!  Even if it is a pool party of one ( or two!)

A friend came over and we just hung out by the pool for the majority of the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day for it.  Not so hot that you couldn’t stand to be outside, but yet hot enough that the water felt good!

How about a grilled PB & J for lunch, why yes, I think I will.   Brian and I saw these in Key West on our vacation and we have been wanting to try it.  IT’S GOOD!!!!

I used coconut oil instead of butter or margarine and then just grilled like a grilled cheese!  TASTY!

We also had a bit of my ice cream and I finally remembered to take a photo!  This is a yummy blackberry!  It has been frozen, so it doesn’t look like soft serve. But it is YUMMY!

Today we are getting things done around the house.  We are hosting a party for friends that got married recently and it is time to CELEBRATE!

I want to wish a VERY Happy Anniversary to Chase and Meredith!  5 years today!
Love you both so much!

Springfield, Baby!

Brian and I loaded up and went to the BIG city for the day!  Springfield, baby!

We started out at Brian’s FAVORITE place – Bass Pro Shops.  What guy doesn’t LOVE Bass Pro?  That is the question……

We looked, shopped and looked some more!  I got a couple of cute shirts, Brian got a couple of “handsome?” shirts…..  We managed to leave there without a boat, ATV or even a new fishing pole.

We were starving by then and headed over to Houlihan’s.  We really like going there, the food is good, the atmosphere is good and it is just a fun place to be!  We sat outside since it was a beautiful day and enjoyed a nice lunch.

We had to stop at Mama Jean’s.  How in the world have I not been here yet?  Mama Jean’s is a cool, health food store, PLUS, they have a food bar, coffee bar and had flourless brownies…..  Can’t pass that up!

Afterwards, I MADE Brian go to Sephora and Charming Charlie.  Brian was being Charming himself and was very patient with me!  We did manage to find him his favorite socks….. that would have to be another whole blog post to get you to understand all that entails….  just trust me on this one, he has sock issues!

After being patient with me, I had to be patient with him as we stopped at the Man Store – Grizzly’s.  There is every tool known to man in this store.  Luckily, he knew exactly what he wanted.  It didn’t take long.  I had packed my kindle, knowing we were going to stop here, but didn’t have to get it out.  Funny sidebar….  we came here one day and Brian was taking FOREVER….. I found the waiting area – (women’s hangout…..), they have a tv, a couch and a couple of chairs.  The lights were off, but the tv was on, I went in and sat down in one of the chairs, looked over and there was a woman sound asleep with her shoes off laying on the couch.  I can’t even imagine how long her hubby had been there….. She woke up and told me that the couch sleeps pretty good if I was going to be there long…..

We had to head home for a dinner party with friends and enjoyed the night!  Good food, good conversation and laughs!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

Play date!

Sometimes a play date is just needed!

Madelyn came over and we met Olivia at the park for a fun playdate at the park!

This park (Cunningham) was destroyed in the tornado and part of it was replaced by the Extreme Home Makeover crew!   The girls had a great time, we were hot and fweaty (sweaty!) and thirsty!  Grumpy called and was hungry, so we all headed over to lunch with the crew!

Of course, after lunch, you have to make an ice cream stop…..

Then it was definitely nap time, so home we go!

I hung out by the pool with my book (kindle) and had some homemade ice cream.  I am loving this new recipe……  (sshh!  it’s better than orange leaf and it is a MUCH healthier option!)


1 carton of silken tofu – firm OR 8 oz so delicious coconut milk yogurt
2 cups of almond or soy milk
1/3 cup pure maple syrup
2 tbsp vanilla

then you can add what ever kind of add-ins you want.  1/3 cup of natural peanut butter is my favorite right now…..  but some fresh fruit is good too!


Off to dinner with friends tonight!  One of them is going on a bind date, this ought to be interesting 🙂