Cuddles and Giggles are Priceless!

We love being on vacation but there is absolutely nothing better than seeing it through your grand child’s eyes!!

Every morning this week, Miss Madelyn has come in and crawled in bed with me, we cuddle and giggle and then get up to go see what new adventures await us.  Each morning we have searched for shells on the beach in our pj’s.  How could you pass this up?


The conversations we have are absolutely priceless.

Madelyn:  Nona, quick look at my legs!

Me: Why?  What is wrong?

Madelyn:  Nothing is wrong, they grew overnight, see how long they are?

madelyn hat

We have saved fish, found starfish, watched the birds, swam in the ocean, shopped and of course had a lot of hugs and kisses.

No matter the cost of this vacation, this time together is priceless!


Madelyn:  Nona, you look very pretty today in your swimsuit.

Me: Thank you, you look very pretty in yours too!

Madelyn:  I know.  I look better than you!

madelyn and lauren

Out of the mouths of babes!



Almost perfect!

We are on vacation and having such a wonderful time.  The first two days were rain, rain and more rain, but yesterday the sun came out and the smiles were on our faces!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beach!  We’ve all decided we need to figure out a way to move here.  I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it.  I love getting up and going for walks first thing in the morning.  Madelyn and I have been going in our pj’s and we just don’t care!

We’ve found some amazing treasures.  I’m sure she is going to have to pare down the pile before she goes home!

IMG_1040IMG_1012The food has been wonderful, we are taking turns making dinner and cleaning up so it works out great for everyone.  No one has to spend all their time cooking or cleaning!  It’s a good deal for everyone!

The house we are staying in is great!   There are few drawbacks, but no so many that we can’t enjoy our time here for sure!  Plus it is right on the beach!  Just walk to outside and down the ramp and you are at the ocean!  HEAVEN!


I’ve brought my T25 workouts and staying on track!  Yesterday, Madelyn joined me during my workout and she brought out the moves when were shopping!  She just cracks me up.

All we need to make this vacation perfect is my Jake, Morgan and Emma. They had to stay home this trip and we are missing them like CRAZY!  Next time, they HAVE to join the fun!


Enjoy your day, I know we will!

This is why I am completely bonkers!

This is the true text conversation between me and Brian today:

Me: they are going to install the Hopper on Tues

Brian: Hoppa

Me: Go posh

Me: Hoppah

Brian: Go Scary

 Me: It changed hoppah to go posh

Brian: I thought you were talking about the spice girls

Me: No, I would choose baby spice if that were the case

Brian: Go baby

Only in my world do we go from dish network’s Hopper to the Spice Girls in 2 seconds flat!

spice girlshopper

Do you see why I am completely bonkers?

My busy life!

Oh My, it’s been a busy week or so….

We have several rental properties open and Brian is working his tail off on the house we purchased ( it is also going to be a rental).  Lots of showings and a few are already rented with more coming open at the end of this month.  I think a lot of people move around when it is back-to-school time.

The house we purchased had a LOT of stuff left behind and I was thrilled to find a vita-mix.  I couldn’t believe it!  What a find!


It’s a commercial vita-mix and I cleaned it up and gave it a go to see if it works. BELIEVE me, it WORKS!!!  It is so much stronger than the one I have already.  I usually just put the lid on the top of mine, I don’t secure it on, and blend our morning Shakeology.  When I tried that with this one, not knowing how powerful it is, I had Shakeology EVERYWHERE!  The cabinets, the floor, the countertop.  Such a mess, so it will be a learning process, but I’m excited to be able to take it to the lake and have one there.

Brian was thrilled to find a couple of lamps to add to the ambiance of his poker room…..  This jewel was just hanging around waiting on a new home!  He has all three of them in his man cave now!  This one hangs from the ceiling, there is a tabletop version of the same lamp with a lovely green shade and another hanging lamp that is just a large, white orb.  So, he was in heaven last night when he got to show his treasures off to the poker buddies!

IMG_0967 IMG_0968 IMG_0969

Madelyn and Emma have been by to hang out with me as well.  They are so much fun, but oh, are they are lot of work!  I’m not sure how I raised three boys!!  Madelyn wanted ice cream yesterday and decided to give a try to a cone.  It was her first and I laughed so hard when she got to the cone, not only did she have ice cream all over her face, but she HATED the cone and was even gagging over it.  Needless to say, I think she will be sticking to plain ol’ ice cream in a cup for a while!

Emma car seat Mads painting

Last night, my girlfriends came over and we had a girl night reflexology party.  Robin found a wonderful lady here in town that will come to your house and do massage and reflexology.  So, we decided to give it a go.  I have to say I loved her and can’t wait to do it again.  We had a wonderful time as always and enjoyed each others company as well as some healthy food!

Of course, I have to mention my T25 workouts and they are going GREAT!  I am dropping inches like crazy and love the workouts – mostly that it is 25 minutes a day.  Perfect for my busy life!