Vacation Memories

We had a fantastic vacation!  We started in Gulf Shores AL, with all the kids joining us!  We had a GREAT week.  Swimming in the ocean, fishing, shopping, eating good food and just enjoying each other’s company.

Emma and Madelyn had a great time.  Madelyn rushed into the water, and Emma took a couple of days to warm up to it!

beach memories 2

I took a lot of walks along the beach each day, usually one in the morning and again after dinner.  Funny how walking along the beach is so much more fun than just walking at home!

beach memories 1


After our amazing week at the beach, Brian and I took off to New Orleans and Memphis to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

gulfshores 2014


brian and Dana 30th anniversaryI’m already ready to go again!  Now I just need to do laundry and finish unpacking and get back to work!

Have you taken a vacation this year?  Where did you go?