Pinterest WIN!

A few weeks ago I was looking at my makeup table and it was so cluttered I was embarrassed.  It had all kinds of things on it, perfume, jewelry, (lots of bracelets and my fitbit jewelry) and my makeup mirror, my basket with my hair dryer and brushes.  Yet, I couldn’t find a thing without moving everything around and I decided I needed some organization.  So, of course I turned to pinterest for some great ideas…..

I found the cutest jewelry organizer and I decided that I knew someone who could make this for me…. Brian!  He’s pretty handy to have around and he looked at it and said, sure, he could do it.  But, he decided I needed to be more involved than just the idea gal!  WHAT?  

So I got busy finding the right background paper ( I used scrapbook pages), he made me go to Lowe’s to get all the “ingredients” ( I am a baker, not a handy-woman).  I picked out drawer pulls, the right chicken wire and of course, hooks and the tension rods.

I had all the stuff to make it happen and then I sat on it for a week or so…..  Was he really going to make me do it myself????  Then I better just wait a bit, I might make a mistake or really screw this up!

So I very politely asked Brian this weekend if he would “help” me.  He did ask if I really wanted help or if I just wanted him to do it…….  of course I said I wanted him to do it!!  But, I helped and we were able to get it done in just a few hours.

I absolutely love it!  It turned out great and I’m very thankful to my dear friend that let us have her barn wood!

finished jewelry organizer

I might be a bit bracelet obsessed!  I’ve even been making my own.  This is HUGE for this non-crafty girl!!

pintrest win

I think it is a pinterest WIN!  The first picture is the one on pinterest, the second one, our version!  Go Brian!