It’s a crazy, but good life!

Our life has been crazy lately, I’ve spent several weeks taking care of sick family members, Brian and I had a trip to Houston for his latest check-up, Chase and Meredith and Madelyn have moved back to Joplin and in all that excitement our daily lives just went on!M

While we have been waiting for Chase & Meredith’s house to be ready, they’ve been staying with us and we’ve had a GREAT time with Miss Madelyn.  I’m sure Chase and Meredith would say it hasn’t been THAT great!

Madelyn and Emma have had a blast playing together and just getting to know each other better!  I love watching them play together!  They just have the best time!!

There is nothing better than cousin love!  Everything Madelyn does, Emma needs to do as well!

Mads and Emma collage

Marley hasn’t been feeling the love so much.  There is a LOT more activity around our house than she is used to. Madelyn loves to carry her around and Marley isn’t such a fan!  Every night she is worn out!

Marley tired

We are moving them into their house tonight so things will slow down soon and Marley can get back to her normal, boring schedule!

I’m still fighting my own health issues ( extreme fatigue – hormone, thyroid and adrenal issues) and my workouts are sporadic.  I do what I can, when I can.  I’ve done some of the 21 Day Fix Extreme and loved them, but wasn’t able to finish the complete program yet.  I’ve been enjoying the spring weather and walking outside.  I am such a solar-powered person!  So, I’m slowing things down and doing walking and Slim in 6.  It will be determined as to whether I will be able to complete the program, but I have learned I MUST listen to my body or I will pay the price!  It’s all good!  I am feeling better each day and I have more energy.  Now I just need to have a healthy family and keep my stress levels much lower than they have been!

I hope you will be able to enjoy the nice weather ( if you have it), so throw on your sneakers and go for a walk today!  If you can walk with some friends, that is even better!

walking buddies 2