Branson Family Fun

We had a fantastic weekend!  Normally, every year we go on a family vacation to the beach.  It’s our families favorite place and we love it! This year Caroline was making her appearance, Nick and Lauren were saving money and so we didn’t go to the beach.  BUT, we decided we needed some kind of family fun before school started ( yes, Madelyn starts kindergarten this year – how has this happened so fast??).  So we headed out to Branson.  I will be the first to admit, I’m not a Branson fan.  So many people, so much traffic, ugh!


Off we went and we all met up for some family fun.  We stayed at the Grand Country Inn.  I just knew the girls would love the indoor waterpark ( yes, we all burn easily in the Moritz family).  Not only did the girls have a blast, but we all got in on the fun!



That is Chase and Mads in the picture climbing that darned rope ladder!  I think that is what it is called?

Madelyn had me and Meredith climbing the rope ladder to go down the water slides, Meredith and I were surprised to discover that there were actual stairs and you don’t HAVE to use the rope ladder (Mads is such a stinker!)  I will admit that it was my first time to go down a water slide!  I loved it!  Morgan and Emma joined us on Saturday and Emma was a little skeptical at first, but then she was a waterpark pro!  I didn’t take any pictures because everything in the waterpark was wet.  I didn’t want to take a chance on ruining the phone!

There was also a little shopping,  a car show and some black light mini golf!   We even got to meet Tinkerbell!








emma snowcone


chase and madelyn mini golf









But just because it is vacation doesn’t mean that I didn’t get my workout in.  Lauren and I got our pilates on in the hotel room!  Limited space, but we made it work!  I always travel with my shakeology too.  Brian and I stuck with our breakfast every day!

lauren and dana hotel workout

We had a great time and Madelyn decided that Branson is awesome and we should do it every year.  I asked her if she liked it more than the beach and she didn’t commit, but she said she thought we should do both!  I may need to get another job for that!

Have you have your summer vacation?   Where did you go?