Finding Me Again

I’ve been missing in action for some time.  Let me explain why.

I haven’t felt like myself for quite some time.   You probably already knew that.  This extreme fatigue just wouldn’t let go.   I have been to a couple of doctors and found that my hormones were out of whack, my adrenals were tired and my thyroid was acting out!  All those brats not doing the job I needed them to do. I’ve gained some weight and can’t get rid of it and I will need your support and motivation to keep me  on the healthy track to get it gone for good! I have been working with a wonderful health coach and she has got me on the right path.  I have changed my diet a couple of times, I had to add in animal protein again and I found that eating a whole egg every day is good for my body.  I found that I can not do the harder, extreme workouts that I loved.  There were some times when I couldn’t do any workouts and that was REALLY hard for me.  Not only do I love to do it, but that is my job.  So, it has been a difficult couple of years.

BUT, I am happy to report that I am starting to feel better.  I’m not at 100%, but I am feeling more like my old self, I have more energy.  I still can’t do those hard workouts and I have to take a nap most days, but things are looking up.  Stress plays a huge role in how I feel and I think things are settling down.  I got hit with a LOT in the last few years, but thankfully God had my back and held me up when I was down.  I am finding me again!


So many things have happened and if you follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram you probably know that Caroline is here and already one month old!  She is such a serious little sweet girl, but I am loving her up every chance I get!
















Emma is 2 and so very busy.  She cracks me up, she is so funny.










Madelyn is almost 6 and will be starting school next week.  Oh my, how the time flies by!

IMG_5059 Madelyn cannonball

Chase and Meredith moved back to Joplin and Chase has a new job.  Meredith got her respiratory therapist degree and will be going back to work part time after here maternity leave.

Nick and Lauren are working like crazy, still living in good ol’ CJ.

Jake started a new business and Morgan decided to become a Team Beachbody coach!

Brian is still doing real estate, making his beautiful bowls and woodworking, he got his new shop built and is loving it.




I am still a Team Beachbody coach and loving it. I’ve been doing 21 Day Fix, Piyo and just got Cize to try out too!  I’m still reading like crazy, I love it!   I got my office moved downstairs and I’m still trying to get organized in there.  It may never happen…



Brian’s dad moved in with us, my dad is healing and recovering nicely.  Mom had her surgery and is recovering and feeling better.  Marley is still hanging with us and tolerating us!  She probably thinks we are completely crazy, but loves us anyway!


I think you are all caught up and my goal is to be more active here and get back to doing my daily blog posts throughout the week.  I can’t make any promises, but I think I can do it!


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