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I have to admit it, I used to hate to sweat, hate to exercise and didn’t have to worry about what I ate.  Several years ago, I started having health problems, mostly migraine headaches, ALL THE TIME.  I was way too young for that nonsense, so I decided to change my health through diet and exercise. I completely changed the way I ate and went on a vegan, mostly raw diet based on the advice of a friend.  After about 30 days, I stopped having headaches and felt so good!  Living in the midwest where the  winters are cold is a very difficult place to eat a mostly raw diet year round, so I was lucky enough that a friend handed me a copy of Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover.  This lifestyle just made sense to me and I haven’t looked back.  I don’t eat a completely vegan diet anymore, but I eat a mostly plant based diet.

With all the dietary changes, I lost some weight as well, but I needed to start thinking about toning up.  I wasn’t getting any younger you know?  So, I saw an infomercial on tv ( I do consider myself the infomercial QUEEN!) and ordered Power 90.  Hey, I kinda liked the exercise thing after all.  I was getting results and feeling amazing!  So, I ordered another workout and another and another.  Most of these were Beachbody workouts and when Beachbody offered the coaching program I jumped at the chance to make a little extra money doing what I was already doing ~ recommending these great workouts.

I LOVE my family, my job and having a good time with my friends!I LOVE to read,  I LOVE working out, I LOVE eating healthy and I LOVE helping others reach their goals:  getting healthier, losing weight, gaining financial freedom or just being happier!!

My blog is all about the things I love.  So you will see me post about my family, working out, yummy recipes, great books and time with my friends.

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