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My Christmas Wish List

Brian and I were out running errands today and he asked me what I want for Christmas. Well, if you really want to know…..

I have a big list and a more realistic list. If a girl is going to dream, I say dream BIG!!!!

1) to take the chef academy classes at 105 degrees in Oklahoma City. This would be a dream come true. It will be hard to make it happen (expensive and at least one month away from home), but it is on the wish list.

2) trip somewhere beachy, sandy, tropical and WARM

3) Excalibur dehydrator

4) an amazing set of knives for cooking

5) the perfect fitting jeans ( always on the lookout for these, but have yet to find my perfect pair)

6) wii and wii fit and all the accessories and fun games

7) The new Brazil Butt Lift and Chalene Extreme workouts from Beachbody

8) oh, and world peace

Is that asking for too much?

105 degrees and Celtic Women concert

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days. I had so much to do to get ready for a couple of trips this week. On Wed, I loaded up for a girls trip to OKC! It was so nice to get away for a while. Since Brian’s accident, we have spent 15 weeks together pretty much non-stop. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my hubby, but we needed a little alone time 🙂 I was nervous about leaving him alone, but he did just fine!

Julie and I took off bright and early and were ready for a great trip! It was a nice drive and the conversation was even better. The drive was over in no time and I got to meet Barbara, Julie’s aunt. She was kind enough to let us stay at her house for the night! She was a gracious hostess and just the sweetest person – Thank you so much Barbara!

We met up with Bethany and Leslie and then went to eat at 105 degrees. I have been wanting to try this restaurant since I heard about it! I was so excited!!! 105 degrees is a raw food restaruanat and the food was DELISH!!!! We all decided to try something different and share. We had the BEST service from our waitress, she was so helpful and kind enough to let us try a few things before we ordered! I have a LOT of food pictures to share. The dishes were just so beautiful, I had to take pics.

We shopped at Williams Sonoma (perfect for a few foodies) and then went to our concert. We saw Celtic Woman. OMGness these ladies are talented. They have the most beautiful voices and the fiddler was just a ball of energy and also very good! We couldn’t have our cameras in the arena, so no pics from the concert, but trust me, if these women are near you, you should go see them. You will not be disappointed.

It was a short trip, but I had a wonderful time. Brian was able to fend for himself. I’m not so sure he made the best eating choices while I was gone, but he didn’t starve!

We are on the road again today. This time to Dallas for the Beachbody Game Plan Training event. I’m so excited to see my Beachbody friends and also meet up with some friends from high school. It will be a good weekend. I’ll be posting a new giveaway when I get back. Lots of good things to come!