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Friday Fun!

In LA at the Beachbody Summit.  Having a great time.  Here’s a few photos from yesterday.  It was a down day and no activities planned.  Just had fun meeting friends and making new friends!

Friday Challenge!  Let’s burn those calves.  Calf Raises – 100.  You can do them with weights if you are a die-hard. You can use the stairs to really get the calves burning, or you can just stand there and lift on your toes. To do the calf-raises properly, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and raise up on your toes as high as you can.  Repeat.  You can do them all at once or spread it out throughout the day!
We have the group workout tonight.  I’ll have a ton of photos for tomorrow if I get time to be online!

Travelin’ time

I am going to be missing for a few days. I’m headed to Los Angeles for the Beachbody Summit!  I am so excited.  This is sooo fun.  I have been the last two years and don’t plan to miss one!  We get to learn about new products coming out (Body Gospel, Turbo Fire) and workout with the trainers.  I’ll be working out live with Tony Horton (P90X), Chalene Johnson (Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme), Leandro Carvalho (Brazil Butt Lift), Brett Hoebel (Rev Abs), and last but not least, Debbie Siebers ( Slim in 6).  This is going to be so much fun!!!

We will also be learning how to maximize our businesses!  Here’s a peek at what Summit is like.

I will be posting photos and updates as I can.  Not sure about internet availability.

Have a good week and I’ll talk soon!

Be sure to watch Kirstie Alley’s Big Life on A&E Sunday!  Tony Horton will be on teaching Kirstie about P90X!