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A Blingy Week!

Everyone that knows me well, knows that I love my bling!  I wear blinged out shirts, blinged out jeans and blingy jewelry.  I don’t want to be over the top or anything but a little bling never hurt anyone!

This week was especially blingy for our family!

The girls got their ears pierced.  Morgan had been wanting to get Emma’s ears pierced for a while and so after workout one night, my friend Susan decided to get her ears pierced and Emma decided that sounded like a good idea 🙂

Madelyn had been telling me that she wanted her ears pierced, but she was a little afraid of it, so at first she was going to get hers done when she turned 5 and then it was when she turned 6.  When she saw the pictures of Emma getting her ears pierced, she decided that if Emma was THAT brave, she could be brave as well!  Not even many tears shed!  YAY!  They both look so beautiful.  I’m so stinkin’ blessed!

girls ear pierced


Can’t forget Susan!

susan ear pierced


I switched over to the Fitbit Flex ( I used to have the One) and I really do like it, but it was a bit BORING!  So, a little bling to the rescue.  Susan’s daughter, Roxanna took care of designing for me.  I am not crafty one bit…..  Anyway, I LOVE how it turned out and now I feel like it is a piece of jewelry!  Healthy jewelry, I can handle that!

bling fitbit


I finished my first full week of the 21 Day Fix!!  I am happy to report, that I am down 3 lbs and 1 inch overall!  I am happy with my results and can’t wait to see how it goes this week!  This plan is WORKING!

Here is a  meal I had this week – so tasty!

21 day fix salad meal

Salad greens with cilantro,  ground turkey, 21 Day Fix salad dressing and almonds – YUM!

There is still time to get in my next challenge group – order your 21 Day Fix kit today and you’ll be ready to go for next month!

21 day fix 23

OR, you can order one of the April special challenge packs – Focus T25 with Shaun T or Brazil Butt Lift with Leandro and you can have a chance to WIN the 21 Day Fix workout program!

Let’s all get healthy together!