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hot date tonight!

I have a hot date tonight!  I can NOT wait!

I’ll be joining my 3 bff’s today:

I’ve already taken advantage of the ibuprofen and the Vitamin D!  But tonight I get to soak in the tub with the epsom salts.

Since I started Insanity this week, my calves are shredded!  It hurts to walk, it hurts to go from sitting to standing, it hurts to squat  AND I have Madelyn today.  However, if I keep moving, I am pretty good!

I also have found that I hurt more the second day the most.  Then the pain begins to subside – YAY!

What are the best ways to deal with sore muscles:

1)  Ice – use ice packs to help with the inflammation

2)  anti-inflammatory meds  – like ibuprofen will also help with the soreness

3)  massage – get a foam roller and go to town.  This helps to release the lactic acid that builds up in the muscles.  It may be a bit painful to start, but it will help!

4)  WATER – flush out the lactic acid build up.  Drink up!

5)  epsom salt baths – soak in the tub (don’t get the water too hot) and just relax.  Make it enjoyable, music, candles or a good book can help!  Sip on your water while you are in the tub!

6)  Stretching – stretching and yoga will help relieve the pain and soreness too!

7)  keep exercising – don’t skip your workouts just because you are sore,  once you get moving, the soreness will get better! You may want to take it a little easier on your body, but keep moving!

8)  therma-care wraps/heat pads – these can be helpful to increase blood flow to the muscles

These are just a few of the things I do to help ease the soreness.  I almost always get sore when starting a new program.  I kinda like it, I know that the workouts are working, but if it is too painful, take it easy for a few days.  You should still be able to function.  So, if it is more than that, please consult your Dr!

I am waiting on a new mircophone for my computer.  I am hoping it will be here today and when I get it, I’ll make a video that shows you how to use a foam roller!  I love mine.  It really helps!

I’ll be enjoying that soak in the tub tonight for sure!

Discussion:  Do you have a good remedy for muscle soreness?