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Beachbody Challenge

We are traveling home today and it is HOT!  Wow!  I didn’t miss this at all!

Just a quick post about the new Beachbody Challenge.  Be sure to get signed up today and you will be eligible to win the daily WOWY prize of $500 and the GRAND PRIZE of $100,000!!!  Now that is some motivation if I’ve ever heard it!

If you don’t have a coach and would like one, I ‘d love to help you get the best results possible.I offer free fitness coaching,  just click here to get started today!  I’ll send you an email to get you going right away! If you aren’t sure which program to choose, email, text or facebook me and I’ll help you with your decision!

If you have already signed up, tell me what workout program you are doing!  I’m starting a new round of Turbo Fire in the morning and I’m planning on  sharing my journey with you all here!  Don’t forget that I have an accounability group on facebook.  Just friend me and let me know you want to be a part of it!

Ready, Set, GO!

New Beachbody Challenge

When I was in LA at the Beachbody Coaches Summit, Beachbody announced a new Challenge!  You may have heard about the Million Dollar Body Game where one male and one female win $25,000 each for the best transformation of the year, this is going to be similar to that challenge, but a few things have changed!

New Beachbody Challenge!!

Starts Aug 1

You Commit and Submit for a chance to win the daily wowy prize (which will be $500 per day)

If you Submit your story, you win a t-shirt of the program you choose. You must have a TBB account – hopefully with me as your coach.

Monthly winners win $1000

Quarterly winners win trips to LA and $5000

Grand Prize Finalists (6 men, 6 women) win $25,000 and a trip to next years summit

Grand Prize Winners (1 man/1 woman) win $100,000 each, trip to the summit!

Let’s commit to doing this together. Pick your workout program and shakeology and LET’S GO!!!! There is something for everyone here:

30 day programs:
Brazil Butt Lift, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity Asylum, Rockin’ Body, Shakeology, Ten Minute Trainer, Body Gospel, P90X One On One, Yoga Booty Ballet
6 week program:
Slim in 6, Slim Series

60 Day Programs:
Insanity, Kathy Smith Project: You, Yoga Booty Ballet

90 Day Programs:
P90X, Chalean Extreme, Power 90, Rev Abs

120 Day Programs:

Brett Hoebel
Chalene Johnson
Debbie Siebers
Donna Joyner
Gillian and Teigh
Kathy Smith
Leandro Carvahlo
Shaun T
Tony Horton

I am searching for people for me to personally work with to help loose weight this year (at no cost to you) and really transform your life. You really CAN do it. I will guide you through it all. PLUS you have a chance to win $100K for your story. Why shouldn’t it be you?