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Success Club Leadership Conference!

I am home from the Beachbody Success Club Leadership Conference in Dallas! 

So much fun, so much learning and met so many wonderful people!

I am just excited to get back to work and get started on all this wonderful training and share the exciting news with my team of coaches and customers and friends!

It started off bright and early on Friday morning. Cool, foggy and beautiful.

Got in to Dallas and immediately had some fun in the hotel!

We had a great time at dinner:

After a great meal, we learned that P90X Results and Recovery formula has been re-formulated!  No more fructose :), P90X Peak Performance Bars also were re-formulated and now taste better and have  9 grams less of sugar, lower glycemic index and taste better!  P90X is available in Spanish!  So many wonderful announcements and a few teasers about what is to come!

Sat morning bright and early we were up for a workout with Tony and the casting audition.  I woke up with a sinus headache and just made the best of it!  I won’t be holding my breath waiting on the call that I made the cut!  We had a good time and got to try out some of the moves from the upcoming P90X: MC2 workout.  That is TOUGH!  I’m still sore from it,  sore calves, sore abs, sore arms……

Then we went in to a presentation/public speaking seminar.  This was PRICELESS!!!  Really helped and opened my eyes to a few things I was doing that needed improvement!
After a lunch break, we started hearing about all the great things that were coming!!!  Coach signup fee waived – check, new presentation dvd’s – check, Shakeology dvd – check, Shakeology Advice from 100 dr’s audio cd – check, game plan core training – check, grab your board promotion – check, P90X bar tasting – check, workout with Donna Richardson Joyner – check! Plus so much more!
Our team with Carl Daikeler – CEO of Beachbody

The girls with Tony Horton

Tony told us about his book coming out in December titled Bring It!  I know I’ll be getting that one!

Did I mention that we got some SWAG??????

Another team shot after the conference was over.

We also worked out with Donna Richardson Joyner on Sunday morning!  I love her!  I will have a photo, but forgot to take my memory card out of my computer when I uploaded the photos.  I have to get it from a friend!  We had so much fun at the workout – she put us all in two lines and we had a dance party!  It was a blast!

Sunday was full of more info and training!  Nothing better than that!

If you want to be part of this amazing company, NOW is the time.  WE NEED HELP!  We want to end the trend of obesity.  You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life, be a nutrition expert or a personal trainer.  You just need to want to work on your health and fitness, help others do the same and have a lot of fun!  Sign up now (no coach signup fee remember?) or contact me for more details!