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Can you be too busy?

I am just now getting some time to post on here today. I hit the ground running this morning and haven’t stopped until now! Tomorrow is going to be another busy day as well. It’s Brian’s birthday. There will be food to cook, mousse to make (YUM!!!) and a house to clean up. We are also going to work on one of the rental properties and Brian has an open house (he’s a realtor!). I’m hosting a workout as well. Whew, I think I better go to bed now 🙂

I was the lucky recipient of a blog award!! I love that Smart Cents Mom thought of me! Thank you so very much!

The Happy 101 Blog Award!

The rules for this award are-
1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
2. List who gave you the award and their link
3. List 10 things that make you happy
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and let them know

I had to choose 10 things that make me happy a few days ago with another award and you can read it here! It’s not cheating, just out of time 🙂
So, I will be passing this along to some of my newest followers!

Be sure to stop by and check out their great blogs!!! Thanks again to Smart Cents Mom!!!

an award!

Lady V over at A Little Bit of This was kind enough to pass this award on to me! I’m so flattered. Thank you very much Lady V!!!! Be sure to check out her blog, she’s really cute and funny!

10 Things that Make Me Happy!

1. Being married to the man I love and being able to call him my best friend.

2. My kids – they are just the best and always keep me on my toes

3. Miss Madelyn. She can just brighten up even the worst day!

4. Good friends that like to read what I have to say! Thank you to each and every one of you!

5. Warm weather – I don’t like to be cold!

6. Working out – I know it’s weird, but that is how I roll!

7. My job – I love being able to help other people get healthy and fit!

8. The beach – I can’t wait until I can move to the beach and be there all the time.

9. A great meal with all the family around. – Nothing better!!!

10. a good book, right now I am reading several – finishing up Eat That Frog (time management), The Heretic Queen ( for pleasure), Grooming the Next Generation (great for sharing with my kids), and last but not least The Kind Diet (cookbook)

In the spirit of the over the top blog award, I need to pass this along to 5 people that I think are deserving!

Thank you so much for this great award!!! Hope I can live up to the name!

Tomorrow I’ll have a cool giveaway and review of a personal blender, be sure to check back!!