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Branson weekend getaway

Brian and I took off Friday  morning and headed to Branson for a nice getaway! 

We got there and immediately went to get something to eat.  Ended up at Cantina Laredo and had a wonderful meal.  I had the portabello mushroom enchilada, we shared the guacamole that was made tableside and so yummy!  We left there extremely full and walked and window shopped at the Branson Landing for a couple of hours.  I got some yummy jalapeno popcorn, Brian got the chocolate carmel.  Both were tasty!  We went back to the camper to get changed and decide what we wanted to do next.

I wanted to go to the outlet stores, so off we went.  I got a few great deals at the Gap outlet (curvy jeans are my new favorite!) and I looked for a cute pair of boots, but didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without.  I’ll keep looking!

We ate dinner at Chester’s – a hamburger joint.  Brian got a HUGE burger.  I got the fried green tomatoes and a salad.  We split the cinnamon roll bread pudding.  OMGness, it was delicious.  We walked around some more and called it a night.

We got up ready to roll on Sat.  Had breakfast at the camper, then off we went to explore.  We ended up at the Titanic Museum, it was really cool and we both loved it.  You get a boarding pass with a passenger’s name on it and you can look for things that belonged to that passenger and at the end you find out your fate.  My gal  lived, Brian’s passenger did not.  It was a sobering experience, but so interesting.  They wouldn’t let us take any pictures, too bad

We had lunch at The Gardens.  It was a great place to get some healthy food.  I had a mushroom burger and Brian had salad and a quiche.  Then we split some carrot cake.  YUM!

 We then headed over to the wax museum for a little fun.  Brian would NOT pose for any pics, but I took this one of him by Frankenstein, of course he turned around the second he saw the camera. 

 I had to pose with I Dream of Jeannie!

Dancing with Austin Powers

And look serious with the Men in Black!

We had fun!!  We headed back to the camper to do a little work.  Duty calls sometimes, I’m just thankful that I have a job that allows me to work from wherever I am!

We went to dinner at the Bleu Olive.  It was really good.  I had a flirtini!  It was yummy and then I had pasta with sundried tomatoes and olives.  Brian had a beef kebob and some garlic mashed potatoes.  Service was excellent and the food was very good.  We highly recommend it!

We then went to see the show SIX.  This was good.  Six brothers perform without any musical instruments.  They sound like they are singing with a band.All the sounds you hear are made with their mouths. Amazing!  It was a good show. 

Sunday we just took our time getting around, had some breakfast.  I forgot to take my shakeology with me, but I did take SVELTE.   I was so glad that I did.  This was tasty!  Brian drank the chocolate on Sat morning and the cappuchino on Sun. He liked both of them. I had the French Vanilla (yummy!) and the Spiced Chai.  I LOVED the Spiced Chai.  It was so good.  I was cold, so I warmed it up.  It just hit the spot.  The drinks are around 300 calories.  It worked great, kept us full until lunch and no dairy!  YAY! These are more of a protein drink and I think would be great as an after workout drink!

What are the Benefits?

Tested to be low-glycemic
High in protein, low in sugar
Provides 20% daily value of fiber
Healthy alternative to weight loss
Dairy-free and gluten-free
Great snack to grab and go

Check out Svelte on facebook and twitter
Look for Svelte at your local Whole Foods or other health food stores!

Then  we headed home for the Halloween festivities and to take photos of Nick and Lauren for their engagement.  I’ll post some of those after they have decided which ones are their faves!  Madelyn looked adorable.  We didn’t have many trick-or-treaters, but enjoyed the few we had.

My favorite trick or treater:

Discussion:  What did you do this weekend?  Anything fun?