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A Little R & R is needed!

I’ve had the craziest, busiest day in a long time!  I feel like I can finally come up for some air and maybe a little
 R & R!!

First off, had my shakeology (snickers today) and then after that was settled, got my workout done – Insanity Cardio Recovery.  You might be thinking that it is an easier workout, and it is – no jumping around today, but man oh man, Shaun T likes to hold those squats and lunges FOREVER!  My legs were shaking and I was clapping and grunting just to get through it!  But, when it is all over, I feel GOOD!

After workout, I jumped on the phone and it seems like I’ve been on the phone all day long!  I even cooked my lunch while I was on a call.  Thank goodness I have speakerphone and mute!!  I can listen and get other things done at the same time.  Oh and I got the cutest blinged out cover for my phone.  I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of it yet.

I got our next vacation booked, it took a little ciphering and finagling to get it done, but we are booked!  I’m excited to get away for a while.

We have a blast wherever we go and I know this one will be LOADS OF FUN!!!!  It’s going to be cooler and there will be hiking.  Can you guess where we are headed next???

Discussion:  Do you have any good vacation plans coming up?

Pretty Toes!

I’ve had another couple of busy days.  Lots going on…..

It’s hard to take photos of yourselves with a 20 month old!
Especially when she can’t wait to see the picture before it is done taking!
Me see baby! Pease Nona!

I went to the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday.  I got some great things there.

I made the best kale chips!  They were so yummy!

Put them in the oven to crisp up

Drizzle with nutritional yeast, olive oil and salt mixture.
I just about ate them all myself!  Chase stopped by and he loved them, Brian and Madelyn wouldn’t touch them!
Yesterday I had Madelyn for the day.  We played, ran fast, pretended to be doggies and of course, piggyback rides and just had a blast all day long!
I might have created a monster – all she wants to do is stand in the window and look out at the scenery.

Feeding Grumpy grapes!

I find the strangest things in the strangest places after Madelyn has been here.

Painting Madelyn’s toenails.  She sat very still and was so excited!

Pretty toes!!!!
I have to say, even though I am completely worn out after Madelyn is here, I absolutely love Wednesdays!