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It’s better on a stick!

So, we’ve been at Tulsa….  to the state fair!

 I was amazed at all the food.  Everything is served deep fried and on a stick.  You name it, they had it.  Deep fried kool-aid, deep fried cheesecake, deep fried pizza, good grief I could go on and on and on.  But, I won’t….

No wonder this country has such a problem with obesity.  But, never fear.  I found ONE place that served somewhat healthier and vegetarian options!  YAY!!  I can eat!!!

I chose the spinach and black bean bodacious burrito.  It was monstrous, but delicious.  I got it without cheese and it was perfect!  We sat down and across from me was a woman eating deep fried cheese on a stick and her sister and gone to get the deep fried cheesecake.  I can feel her arteries clogging….

After we ate, we took Madelyn to see the dog show.  She loved it, laughed and clapped through the whole thing and was still talking about it last night.

  We watched Devin show his sheep and then wandered around some more until we had had all the fun we could have!  It was a great day.

But, when we got home, I felt out of place not eating off a stick, so for Lauren’s birthday dinner, I made CAKE POPS!

Everyone enjoyed them, they were a lot of work, but fun to make.  I need to find a better recipe for the icing, but it was a learning process since it was my first time!

We had a great time celebrating with Lauren, Madelyn sang happy birthday – Lauren opened her presents, but the best part was we were all together!