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keep calm and eat a cupcake!

I LOVE this sign!

Lauren invited me to cake taste for the wedding (Yes, Nick and Lauren are getting married in Sept!!).  Of course, I had to go!!!  How could you turn down cake?

Funny, how this post is also about cake after yesterday’s cake disaster post……   Maybe I just have cake on the brain.

The cake was wonderful and the irony of it all is that we all loved the LEMON cake.  It didn’t taste anything like my cake, thank goodness…

She didn’t make a decision YET.  We are going to a bridal show on Sunday to taste even more.  I may have to do an extra workout to make up for all the cake I’ve been eating lately.

Since Brian is out of town hunting, I went out with friends.  I mean, I can’t sit around and cry all day long because he is gone…   I try to keep that to a minimum.

We had a lot of fun:

the girls

Brian wasn’t there, so I did my here we are in Memphis shot with Allen and Danny!

Today I am re-organizing the office and then lunch and a movie with a girlfriend and then home to just chill out.  Wish me luck on the office!