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My Christmas Wish List

Brian and I were out running errands today and he asked me what I want for Christmas. Well, if you really want to know…..

I have a big list and a more realistic list. If a girl is going to dream, I say dream BIG!!!!

1) to take the chef academy classes at 105 degrees in Oklahoma City. This would be a dream come true. It will be hard to make it happen (expensive and at least one month away from home), but it is on the wish list.

2) trip somewhere beachy, sandy, tropical and WARM

3) Excalibur dehydrator

4) an amazing set of knives for cooking

5) the perfect fitting jeans ( always on the lookout for these, but have yet to find my perfect pair)

6) wii and wii fit and all the accessories and fun games

7) The new Brazil Butt Lift and Chalene Extreme workouts from Beachbody

8) oh, and world peace

Is that asking for too much?