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Oh Hail yeah!

We had another great day yesterday.  Started off our morning with a trip to the Royal Gorge!  It was HOT!  The view was amazing and we had a great time

Then we decided to take a jeep trail over to Cripple Creek.  This is where all the REAL fun started!! We could tell it was raining over that way and Craig’s famous last words were…..  it looks like it has hail in that storm.

He was right, here is what happened….

It was exciting and fun and scary at the same time.

Next stop, Colorado Springs….

We are in Colorado Springs now!  It’s just as pretty here! 

 After we got settled in at the RV park, we took off to explore the area and ended up at the Air Force Academy.  It was a little late in the day, we didn’t get to visit the Chapel, it was in use (darn it!), but loved seeing the history of the academy and the plane.

 We are planning to go back and see the chapel before we leave!  I’m hoping that we can fit all the fun stuff we have planned in our short time here!

Then we HAD to make a stop at my favorite shopping place – Whole Foods.  We picked up some supplies and goodies and we are going to have a big feast tonight!  We were too tired to cook last night, so we ended up going out for Mexican and then a walk in Manitou Springs.  After that we came back to the RV park to sit by the fire pit and chat! It was a GREAT evening!

Even though I am on vacation, I have been sticking with my fitness plan.  I’ve been having my shakeology every day, ( I brought the top part of the vita mix with me, but forgot the base…..  first thing I did was go buy a new blender to keep in the RV.  Hello NINJA!)

Moving as much as possible.  I’ve been averaging about 14,000 steps per day and of course, we have been hiking as much as possible.  My eating has been pretty good.  We usually pack our lunch and take it with us.  Lots of fruit, veggies and hummus and some pretty good sammy’s!  I’ve had a few drinks, but not gone overboard, we’ve eaten out a couple of times, but mostly we cook in the evenings too!   So, I don’t expect to see any big changes on the scale when I get home.

Today we are off to the Royal Gorge and a fun jeep trail over to Cripple Creek!  Gonna be a GREAT day!  Enjoy yours!

Drinks for 6, dinner for 4, but sleeps 2!

Good morning!  It’s a cool one in Colorado today.  We are going hiking again today.  Can’t wait!

Yesterday, we took the day off from hiking and went into Loveland and Ft. Collins.  We took the brewery tour, sampled some beers,

had a GREAT lunch at the Beachhouse Grill on the rooftop

and then wandered around the square and made a stop at one of my favorite places – Whole Foods!

On the way home, we stopped at a couple of roadside stands for some local produce and cherry cider.  It’s delicious!

This is my favorite photo from yesterday:

We stopped to look at some beautiful flower gardens and Brian decided he didn’t need to take a look, but instead catch a little nap!

This is what he missed:

I think I got the better end of the deal!

If you are thinking maybe you’d like to stow away with us on our next trip, here is what Brian has to say about that – “Drinks for 6, dinner for 4, but sleeps 2!”

Discussion:  What is your weather like?  Hope you are able to enjoy your day!

The beauty surrounding me!

It’s another beautiful day in Colorado today!  We have been hiking and jeeping and have seen some amazing wildlife on our treks around the countryside.

Elk and deer, moose and bear.  We saw the moose when we were driving into town and I didn’t have my camera out.  The bear was in a field not far from our RV park and the only camera I had was on my cell phone.  It’s not a very good photo. But, it’s the best I have!  I’m hoping to see another moose (from the safety of a long distance or in the vehicle LOL) and get a photo!

I’ve also seen some beautiful flowers and plants.  It’s just a pretty place!  Look how huge this dandelion is!!!

Yesterday my exercise was a 5 mile hike and of course we walked in town as well.  We had a great time and I can’t wait to go on another hike!

Discussion:  Do you find time to fit your exercise in while you are on vacation? What do you like to do?