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A little fun

We had a fun Halloween at our house.  The evening started off with a visit from my very favorite pirate! 

We gave her a Tinkerbell movie and some fruit snacks, but somehow she managed to raid the candy too!  She was a little wound up when she was leaving 🙂

Because it was Monday, Brian’s poker night, he went off to play with the boys and I got to hand out our candy by myself.  Yes, I handed out candy.  I’ve tried other things – raisins, pretzels and even quarters (they were a hit, but it was just too expensive), and I’ve seen the disappointment on the faces.  So, I am back to candy.  I’ll just have to deal with it, however the kids were happy! 

We had a Spongebob, thing one and thing two ( I so wish I had taken their photo – adorable twin girls – a little over a year old) and then of course my favorite SpiderMan….

This is my friend Cole, he broke his elbow a couple of weeks ago and is a huge Spiderman fan!  His mom decorated his cast and it looks just like his costume.  I told him I loved his muscles – he was very happy!!
As the night went on the trick or treaters got older and the costumes less.  So I turned off the light after my gangster stopped by to say hello.  He went up to visit the poker buddies and came back down a few dollars richer! He was also happy!!!
I’ve started a new very quick morning workout – I’m posting it here and you can join in the fun with me if you want.
Do this 5 days per week when you first get up in the morning: -repeat this cycle 2x:
50 jumping jacks
5 pushups
20 sit ups
20 mountain climbers
30 second plank
7 burpees (used to be called squat thrusts)
 total body
I have done this the last two mornings.  My arms are sore and my booty is feeling it too!  Today I logged it with the fitbit, it took me 11 minutes to do it twice including stretching before and after and a little cool down walk around.  I burned 57 calories and took 431 steps!  
Let me know if you give it a try!

Dana’s BIG adventure!

I got up yesterday morning, got myself going and went about my morning routine, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary, I was planning for a party that evening, so I did some cleaning and then left for my monthly massage.  I had a busy day planned, but it was out of the ordinary at all.

After my massage, I ran by the store to get a few things for the party and then headed over to Brian’s office.  I was going to pick out the cabinets and stain color for the house we are re-building on 17th St.  Our friend is going to move in there as soon as it is done and I wanted her to go with me to give her input on the cabinets.  She works with Brian at Pro 100…

So off we went to check out the cabinets.  I wasn’t familiar with the location of the cabinet shop, but hat was okay – I had the garmin.  Little did I know that she would take us down the wrong road.

We turned exactly as she told us and came to a dead end area – the road was missing a huge chunk.  Now, we were in the Jeep, it does have 4 wheel drive and there were tire tracks that showed me that other people had climbed the innocent looking dirt pile to the side of the road. 

Little did I know that if I would’ve turned around and gone another few blocks there was a brand new road that came right where we needed to be!  Things would’ve gone completely different if I had known that.

So, over the little dirt pile I go and promptly get stuck.

 I look at Judy and tell her that I think we are high-centered.  I tired 4 wheel drive high and low, going in reverse and forward, turning my wheels right and left. I pushed and Judy drove, Judy drove and I pushed.  Nothing.  I HAD to pick up the phone and call Brian.  This was not going to be good, however, Judy and I could NOT stop laughing…..

He picks up the phone and I tell him, you are going to have to come and get us, I am stuck.  He has a FEW words for me.  I won’t repeat them here in case little ears are listening.  But, he said he was on his way.  Now, I think he is understanding that I am HIGH-CENTERED.  The Jeep isn’t going anywhere.  get it?  He didn’t.  He and a buddy from work show up in a PRIUS.  Danny has his coffee mug, so he can really understand the situation.  I told Judy, we are in trouble here they come – in the Prius.  Not sure how that is going to help. 

Brian tells me to get out of the jeep, he needs to try everything I have already done…..  Danny needs to take photos and then had assessed the situation at this point and decides that a fulcrum will work. He gets a piece of steel and a rock and proceeds to try and pry the front of the Jeep up and Brian is going in reverse.  Not happening, hot stuff….

Brian thinks it needs more weight in the back, Judy and I hop in the back and Danny stands on the back of the Jeep.  Nope.  Not working either.

So, Brian decides that since we are now late for our appointment with the cabinet people, we should just head on over there and then we will deal with the Jeep.  The first words out of his mouth at the cabinet shop is “Do you have a tow strap and a truck?”  I think he finally got it…..

They did and Judy, Danny and I picked out the cabinets, Brian and the cabinet guy took off to get the Jeep.  Thank goodness it worked after  all. 

I am sure that I am the laughing stock of Pro 100 and maybe here, but I’m okay with that.  We’ve taken the Jeep on a level 5 trail in  Colorado and I get the darned thing stuck 2 feet off the pavement….

Funny thing is I just burst out laughing at random moments now just thinking about it!  It was a BIG day!