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to work out or not to work out?

I haven’t been feeling so great since the weekend.  I want to address working out when you are sick.

Should you or shouldn’t you?

I feel that you should listen to your body.  Obviously, if you are in bed sick running a fever, the answer is no!  Rest is so important to healing our bodies.  But, what if you just don’t feel good.  I’ve been nauseous all week.  I’m able to be up and functioning, but do I want to work out? 

I haven’t been, I just didn’t feel like I could work out and push my body to the limits.  Other people think it is okay to work out. I think it is a personal decision, but you really don’t want to push it too much.  You need to heal the body first and foremost!

The rule of thumb seems to be if it is above the neck – you can workout.  If it is below the neck – skip it!

Some studies show that working out while you are sick may prolong the illness.   If you just have the sniffles or milder symptoms of a cold, then you can work out.  I don’t think I’d be doing Insanity, but keep moving.

If you have a stomach ache, it is probably going to make you feel worse.  At least that is what I have found.

If you work out in a public setting, please think about your friends in the gym.  Don’t go spreading your illness.  Stay home!

Since I haven’t felt great for several days, I skipped my workout.  Yesterday, I went for a walk.  I am starting back, but slowly.  I don’t want a relapse.  Since I had Madelyn, I loaded her up in the wagon and off we went.  We made it about a mile.  She was ready to get out and move around. I sure wish I had her energy!!

What about your diet?  When you are feeling bad, how should you eat?  I try to keep it light and on the “clear” side.  I never drink soda, but this week, ginger ale and 7up have been my friends.  For some strange reason, water makes me feel even more nauseated.  

All I know is that I miss my workouts and am ready to get back to it. 

Discussion:  Do you workout when you are sick?