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That Chicken laid an egg!

We had a blast yesterday again.  Had a HUGE  breakfast and then hung out with the gang for a while before heading home.

Got home and the kids came over for swimming, food and Madelyn’s fireworks!

 With Madelyn, we had to do our fireworks early and they had to be fairly noise-free or she would ask for her silk and bink!

 That chicken laid an egg!  This was Madelyn’s favorite firework, she kept asking Daddy to do another chicken!
 Chase did a great job with the fireworks show!
 The big balloon!  Taking off!
 It’s way up dere!
 Hanging in the back of the truck, giving plenty of orders!


I’ve already got my morning workout done, I LOVE working out in the mornings and having it over with!  I also love working out with friends – so tonight is Fit Club!  I’m thinking ChaLEAN Extreme is in order! Burn It Off and Recharge! It’s a great, quick workout that gets the job DONE!

I’ve also started the July challenge – TODAY!  We are eating clean, 1 raw meal per day.  This means all kinds of goodness getting into our bodies!  Eating a raw food diet is one of my favorite ways to eat, but in the midwest, it is hard – unless it is in the summer months when there is an abundance of local, fresh foods available.  So, we are just focusing on eating one raw meal per day.

Raw vs. Cooked from

Medical literature on the raw food diet is scant. Research tends to focus vegetarianism and veganism and the health benefits of a plant-based diet, among them lower cholesterol and better glucose levels
A few studies do appear to back up the belief that cooking vegetables tends to kill important nutrients.
One showed that eating raw, cruciferous vegetables (such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale) may reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Researchers noted that cooking cruciferous vegetables robs them of their isothiocyanates, agents that alter proteins in cancer cells. They found that even a few helpings a month of raw crucifers seems to lower the risk.

Another study that reviewed findings of about 50 medical studies on the raw versus cooked debate showed that eating raw vegetables helps reduce the risk of oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, esophageal, and gastric cancers.

So, you can make your own judgments and decide for yourself.  I know that when I eat more raw foods, I feel better, have tons of energy and typically lose a few lbs.

Gazpacho Andaluz from Ani’s Raw Food Essentials

2 cups seeded and diced ripe tomato
1/4 c finely chopped spanish onion
1 cup chopped bell pepper (any color)
1 cup peeled and chopped cucumber
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp lemon juice (about 1/2 lemon)
1/4 tsp sea salt
2 cups filtered water

Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well.  Chill for at least 30 mins before serving.

Discussion:  Do you eat many raw foods throughout the year?   Do you find one season easier to eat healthy?

Think you are too busy?

It’s Fit Club Tuesday!  YAY!  I love Tuesdays just for that reason!  I get to workout with my friends and that makes me happy.

If you think you are too busy, can’t fit exercise into your schedule, then the answer to your problem is Ten Minute Trainer by Tony Horton.

Everyone has 10 minutes……..  if you can’t squeeze 10 minutes in for your health, then you really need to re-think your priorities.  Give up just a few minutes and  you will be feeling better, looking better and even sleeping better.  Clothes fit better….  do you need MORE reasons?

Give Me 10 Minutes—I’ll Give You Results!

The workout for the busiest people!

What makes 10-Minute Trainer so fast and effective?

My breakthrough Super Stacking Technique™ using resistance bands, combines the most effective moves I know into each 10-minute workout. Instead of starting with cardio, then working different body parts one at a time, I stack them to work everything at the same time—in just 10 minutes! Not a second is wasted! It’s multitasking for your muscles!

You get all this!

Total Body – Just 10 moves in 10 minutes to work your entire body from head to toe!

Cardio – Simple kicking, lunging, and punching moves get you in the fat-burning zone fast!

Lower Body – 10 phenomenal moves slim your thighs and lift your buns in just 10 minutes.

Yoga Flex – A total-body stretch routine for long, lean muscles!

Resistance Kit – Maximize the power of Super Stacking with a Pro-Grade Resistance Band plus Power Cardio Belt.

Customized workout calendar – Plan workouts around your busy schedule.

Rapid Results Guidebook – Your personal weight loss planner loaded with fitness tips.

Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Meals – Tips and recipes for making nutritious, tasty, low-cal meals and snacks in less than 10 minutes!

Plus 3 FREE gifts to keep! – BONUS Abs Routine, On-the-Go Workout Cards, 10-Day Lean Jean Plan

My 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee: See body-transforming results or your money back (less s&h)! But your 3 FREE GIFTS worth $60.00 are yours to keep!

If you order through my website, you also get Tony Horton’s Fountain of Youth Yoga ( I love this one!!)

So, get started right away and give me 10!  Find the workout YOU love and make your health a priority.  Eat clean, workout 5-6 days per week, drink plenty of water and get some sleep!  YOU are worth it!

Discussion:  Do you make time for your health?  In what ways?

Fit Club Tuesday!

It’s Fit Club Tuesday again!  I am looking forward to tonight and getting to see everyone again.  Since the tornado, no one has come to fit club.  I understand completely, but I am still offering it up, it’s a good way to beat stress and have a chance to talk!

We will be working out, tasting Shakeology and having a good time getting healthy together.  If you are in the area, please feel free to join us.  Just message me for details!

It’s almost time for the annual Beachbody Summit!  I leave next Wednesday and can not wait.  I love getting to spend time with my fellow coaches and friends. 

CEO, Carl Daikeler

We had such a blast last year.  We get to work out with the trainers, get new training, learn about new products and have a GREAT time!  One more reason why I love my job!

I have my dresses ready, but need to go shoe shopping.  This should be fun!  I’ll be sure to post photos of my purchases!

 Discussion:  Are you a shopper?  I’m not a big fan of just shopping, but I do love to go when i know what I am looking for! I’m a get in and get out kind of shopper.

Suprise, Suprise, Suprise!!!!

Hey everyone, it is Tuesday (already???) and I am having Fit Club tonight!   

I thought about canceling, but decided that we need to have some sort of normal routine and it is always good to see our friends and exercise is a GREAT way to burn off some stress.  Lord knows, everyone in our area is under a LOT of stress these days.

So, it is going to be Clubbers Choice Workout tonight!  You get to decide what workout we do.  We’ll take a vote right before we get started, so SURPRISE workout tonight!

I’m getting back on my workout schedule today.  Workouts have been slacking, eating has been all over the place, eating whatever I could get my hands on.  I have been limiting my water intake (bathrooms are scarce around here) and today all that is changing!

I’m packing my lunch and packing my water!  Getting my workout groove on in about 5 minutes.  I’ll be in WOWY, since I’m short, I’m usually on the front row 🙂  Don’t have a coach or a WOWY account?  Get one here and I’ll be your coach and help you reach your fitness/health goals! Oh yeah, it doesn’t cost a thing and every time you log your workout, you have a chance to win cash or other cool prizes – ipod touch, cameras…..  WIN-WIN!

Discussion:  What is your workout today?

Dig Deep!

It’s Tuesday and we are going to dig deep at tonight’s Fit Club!


INSANITY – this is the first time I have offered Insanity at fit club, this workout is hard, but the group is up for it!  We are doing the best of Shaun T, and you can’t have that month without Insanity!

I love the workout, but it is HARD!  If you are up for a truly challenging workout, Insanity is for you!  The first time I tried it, I couldn’t get through the warm-up. I KNOW!


Shakeology Ice Cream by Tami French ( a fellow beachbody coach)

 Here is the recipe of the shakeology ice cream that I can’t get enough of:

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup almond milk

1/4 cup coconut milk

1 tsp natural peanut butter

2 scoops of  Protein Powder (Vanilla)

1 scoop chocolate shakeology

mixed for a few seconds and then add a lot of ice to make it thick like soft serve ice cream.

Once it’s the thickness you like scoop it into a bowl and top with a crunched Protein bar and shredded coconut! It’s the best ever! Enjoy…

I’m heading out for a girls shopping day, I’m shopping for my dresses for Summit (the Beachbody Coaches convention).  Gonna be a good day!  I’ll post tomorrow what I find!

It’s all about Shaun T!

Hey hey Hey!  It’s Tuesday!!!


May is all about Shaun T.  Yesterday was his birthday and we are celebrating tonight with a Hip Hop Abs workout!  Get ready to have some fun!  Dance away those lbs and inches!!

The plan for May is Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ Body, Insanity and Asylum.  One extreme to the other 🙂  I can not wait!

Looking at Shaun T certainly makes those workouts a little more fun!!


I’ve been having a lot of fun with my Shakeology lately.  Trying out some new recipes:

1 scoop chocolate shakeology
10 oz water ( I like mine thinner)
1 tsp vanilla
ice to taste

Cherry Monkey:
1 scoop chocolate shakeology
1/2 cup dark, sweet cherries ( I like to use frozen)
1/2 banana
8-10 oz water
splash of almond milk
ice to taste

Blueberry Dream Shakeology
1 scoop chocolate shakeology
8-10 oz water
splash of almond milk
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 banana
ice to taste

Shakeology Ice Cream
One of my favorites – recipe from Mike and Tami French:

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup coconut milk ( or mimic creme)
1 tsp natural peanut butter or 2 tbsp PB2
2 scoops protein powder (vanilla, I love Sun Warrior brown rice protein)
1 scoop chocolate Shakeology

Mix for a few seconds and then add a lot of ice to make it thick like soft serve ice cream.  When it is the thickness you like, scoop into a bowl and top with shredded coconut, sliced almonds or even a crunched up protein bar!

Be sure to check out the May issue of  O Magazine for a great article about some of the healthy ingredients in Shakeology.  Great article and the best part, all the ingredients are IN Shakeology!! 


Fit Club Tuesday!

Good Tuesday!  That means another Fit Club!  I love Tuesdays, I get to workout with my friends!  There is nothing better than getting healthy together!

Remember that we are at my house for the next month or so.  I’ll be finding another location soon, but in the meantime……

Fit Club Workout

We are doing the BEST OF CHALENE JOHNSON this month!  We’ve TurboFire‘d, Chalean Extreme’d and Turbo Jam‘d.  So tonight we will be mixing it all up!  I’m thinking a little Jam first and then some abs (CE) and stretch (TF).  I think we can work all 3 in tonight!

Fit Club Recipe:

Strawberry Salad with marinated tofu

I LOVE strawberry salads.  I make them frequently and they are so easy and I can change them up according to what I have on hand.  Plus, they are so pretty!

This one is mixed greens, red onion, sliced almonds, strawberries and mandarin oranges (canned, drained).

Marinated tofu:

I used the cubed tofu, drained.

in a shallow bowl (pie plate works great too), I added bragg’s liquid amino’s, liquid smoke, chopped garlic, chopped onion, couple drops of tobasco sauce, dash of lemon juice.  Put the tofu in the bowl, pour the sauce over it and make sure all of it is covered.  Stir several times and leave it for at least an hour. 

When the tofu is marinated to your liking, you can bake it or saute it.  I sauteed mine.  I put a little bit of olive oil in the pan and then dumped the whole tofu and marinade in the pan.  I cooked it until the liquid was gone.

I put that on top of the strawberry salad and then used a balsamic dressing on top of that!

Equal parts balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Add spices to your liking.

Then eat and enjoy!


Discussion:  Do you like  to mix up your workouts?

Fit Club Tuesday!


It’s another Tuesday!!!  We are still celebrating the BEST of Chalene Johnson.  This means that we are doing my favorite workouts from Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme and TurboFire!  These are my favorite workouts and of course I love sharing them with you!

Tonight we are doing either Dynamic Flow Yoga from ChaLEAN Extreme or 3T from Turbo Jam and HIIT 15 from TurboFire.  It’s going to depend on how many show up and what I feel like doing…….bwaaa haa haaa!!

This morning I did my workout.  I am doing the CE/TF rotation and loving every minute of it.  I did Burn it Off and Extreme Abs.  I am pretty sure I’ll be feeling that one tomorrow morning!  I was dripping sweat everywhere!


I want to share this SUPER Easy recipe from for protein cookie balls!  She calls them amaze balls and I AGREE!!

So easy to make, I made just a few small changes, but want to make sure she gets the credit for the recipe!


So I made these last night with the thought in mind for the post today.  However, they were gone before I could take a photo.  You’ll just have to trust me that these are THAT good!  I’ll make another batch and get the photo before I allow Brian anywhere near them!

2 T vanilla or chocolate protein powder ( I like Sun Warrior or SHAKEOLOGY, my first choice)
2 T almond or natural peanut butter
2 T shredded coconut (unsweetend is best)
1 T pure maple syrup or honey or brown rice syrup
pinch of sea salt, Stevia and cinnamon

1. In your food processor, add the protein powder, almond butter, coconut, and pulse until the ingredients are mixed

2.  Add the cinnmon, sea salt, Stevia and Sweetener and pulse again.  Mix will start to clump together

3.  Add in chocolate chips ( I really like the Enjoy Life Semi Sweet Mega Chunks), dried fruit (cranberries are yummy) or any other things you’d like (butterscotch chips are yummy, but not as healthy)  Pulse again to chop up the chocolate chips and whatever you’ve added in.

4.  Roll mixture into balls.  I like them smaller, but you can make them to your preference.

Save in a ziploc baggie and munch for a perfect pre or post workout snack!  Yummy and Healthy!

Discussion:  What do you like to have pre or post workout?

Best of Chalene Month!

It’s another Fit Club Tuesday!  I love Tuesday’s when we get together to exercise and share health and fitness tips!  It’s so much fun to sweat together!

This month we are doing the BEST of Chalene!!!  Last week was TurboFire and this week will be ChaLEAN Extreme Burn it off!  and Recharge!  Can’t wait!

If you are in the area, please check out my Fit Club!  6:30 PM at my house, see you there!

I’m still doing the ChaLEAN Extreme/TurboFire rotation.  This is the best of both worlds.  Weights and Turbo!  My dream workout!  Have you found your “soul mate” workout?  I tell you it makes a huge difference when you do. I can’t wait to do my workout, look forward to it and I get upset if I miss one!

If you are looking for free fitness coaching, accountability, motivation and a chance to win fun prizes for working out, please sign up for your free account on my website

Fit Club Recipe:

I had a GREAT strawberry salad yesterday and decided to look for a recipe similar to share with you all.  I found this one in my cookbook collection:

Spinach and Strawberry Salad – Paula Deen (Paula Deen Celebrates)

1 10-12 oz pkg baby spinach, washed and dried
1/4 cup sliced almonds, toasted
1 pint strawberries, hulled and quartered
1/2 med cucumber, peeled, seeded and finely diced

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
1/3 c sugar
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp poppy seeds

1.  In a large salad bowl, toss together the spinach, almonds, strawberries and cucumber.  In a small glass dish or jar with a tight fitting lid, combine the emon juice, vinegar, sugar, oil and poppy seeds.  Whisk in the glass dish or shake if using a jar.

2. Dress the salad right before serving.

Serves 8-10

Discussion:  Have you found your soulmate workout yet?  If so, what is it?

a recipe for popcorn?

It’s another Tuesday and that means another Fit Club night!  I love these nights, it is a time to get together with friends and workout.  Nothing better than that!!! 

We are still at my house for now.  I am looking for another location, but luckily, the basement is a great place to hold these workouts! 

We are doing Rev Abs!  I like these workouts, Bret Hoebel is a great trainer and he’s easy on the eyes as well!!  That makes it even more fun!

I am hooked on popcorn these days.  It’s a great snack and since I have a hard time getting all my B12 in, I have been sprinkling it with nutritional yeast.  YUM!

Pop your popcorn your favorite way, but keep in mind that air-popping is the healthiest option.  If you are using the microwave, put your popcorn in a brown paper bag and pop.  It works great!

When you pull the popcorn out, put in bowl and sprinkle with nutritional yeast (you can use Earth Balance or olive oil if you want).  I also like to use Garlic Gold or Parma Chipotle.