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Fun Friend Weekend!

It’s always fun to get together with friends.  Especially friends you haven’t seen in a while.  I think that one of the best things about facebook is that I have connected with so many of my friends I had lost touch with since high school!

Saturday, I met up with Robin and Patty!  We had a good time catching up, seeing photos of kids and furry babies and just hanging out!

Brian and I also visited the George Washington Carver National Park.  We hadn’t been there and decided to venture over and take a look around.  I think it would be gorgeous in the spring when everything is in bloom.

We have decided that there are plenty of things to see locally that we need to check out.
If you have a favorite local place, be sure to share it with me!  We love a good adventure!

Today started my 90 Day Health Challenge.  90 days of clean eating, working out and getting healthy.  I did ChaLEAN Extreme this morning and after more than an hour, my arms and legs are still shaky!  I love that.  Finished up with my results and recovery and muscle formula.  I am planning on seeing some GREAT results!

Not sure if you are aware of it or not, but I have started another business.  I am working with Nerium.  It is an anti-aging night treatment.  There are some really good results happening and I love it.  If you are local and would like to try a sample for 5 days, please get in touch with me.  I tell you, you will NOT be sorry!  My skin is so smooth and age spots are fading, pores are shrinking and lines are filling in!  YAY!

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

whirlwind week!

It was another whirlwind weekend!  We had a blast, but I was glad for a little downtime yesterday!

Saturday was spent cleaning the lakehouse (again!!) and then we went to dinner with friends and to the local Dancing with the Joplin Stars! 

Hot tea in an elephant pitcher, why yes please!
Love the light fixtures!
Brian was thrilled to go to Dancing with the Joplin Stars!
We were a little more happy about it!
Sunday was a little less rushed.  Still did some cleaning at home, Brian and I went for a long, glorious walk and then the kids came over for a pizza dinner!  YUM!
Veggie Pizza and spinach salad!
Today, is back to routine!  I am finally feeling better.  I will be working out this evening.  I had so much to get done first thing this morning, that I will be working out later.  I’m hoping that Brian and I can get in another walk.  Supposed to rain tomorrow, want to enjoy the nice weather while we can.
Don’t forget to check out our lakehouse rental!  We are starting to get some bookings for this summer.  Have your own lake get-away!!  Talk about some downtime!!  Fun family time, swimming, boating, para-sailing.  All the fun stuff is there!
Great view on the boat!
Brian and I taking off!
Brian’s BIG catch!
Discussion:  Do your weekends just fly by and you are glad for the week to start again or do you savor the weekends!

downtown downtime!

It’s been a busy week, so Brian and I have had some down time the last couple of days!!!

Driving in the Jeep with the tops out and enjoying the sunshine!!

Dessert at the cupcake place

Brian and I split a Snickers cupcake!

boat show!!
beautiful chapel

It’s been a GREAT weekend!
Discussion:  What exciting things did you do this weekend?

What a weekend!

It has been a busy,fun weekend for me.  Friday night we had a get together with high school classmates.  Lots of fun, chatting and dancing.  We will definitely get together again soon!

Saturday I hosted a booth at the Mind and Body Healthy Living Expo.  I was able to share some Beachbody love!!  We had a blast talking to everyone!

Last night we went to friends house for a GREAT dinner!  Sweet potatoes were wonderful, big salad, regular baked potatoes some ribs, (I didn’t eat those, but they looked yummy!) and blackberry pie!  Brian isn’t feeling great, so we went home after visiting for a little bit after dinner and both just went to bed.  We were tired!

Don’t forget that I am still donating my full comission for every new HD sale of Shakeology.  I would love nothing better than writing a HUGE check to breast cancer awareness/research!  Order here!

This was my message from God on facebook this morning:

On this day of your life, Dana, we believe God wants you to know … that you influence those around you.

Think well about the seeds you are planting as you influence the people around you every day. You can plant seeds of impatience, fear, and frustration, or of love, contentment, and faith. It’s up to you!

I loved this one.  It is so true that we can either influence with hate and fear or with love and happiness!  Just had to share it with you all!!