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Puppies always make things better!

I’ve had a good couple of days. So much fun with friends and family!  I went to lunch with my girlfriends.  It was good to see everyone!

We ate at Pacific Rim.  I like it, I can order the Mongolian BBQ and fix whatever I like ( no meat, lots of veggies), they even have tofu available.  YAY!

Mendy, Denisa and I went shopping after lunch and we had a blast.  Everyone got some gifts and items we needed and we managed to have a little fun in there.

Mendy did an impromptu performance on the stage.  Denisa and I sat in the audience and enjoyed her show!

I tried on some new glasses,

Dee had on an adorable top hat that will look great at her graduation, but the photo is gone.  You will have to use your imagination here…..

Yesterday, we had Madelyn.  She was all about Santa.  She wanted to go look at him.  Yes, I said LOOK.  There will be no talking to him, waving at him, getting close to him, just looking at him….

It was a bit traumatic, but no tears where shed.  The elf danced a jig and gave her a coloring book and we went to play with the puppies.  Puppies ALWAYS make everything better….

She named it Tinkerbell (big surprise there) and she LOVED her!  She wanted to take her home and talked about her all through lunch.  We went to the new Qdoba.  I am in love with the mexican gumbo.  I also love that I can get my food without any meat ( do you see a pattern here?)  Mexican gumbo is black beans, rice and tortilla soup.  Then you can add toppings of meat, cheese, sour cream (no thank you to all of those options), guacamole and tortilla strips (yes, please!).  So darned tasty!  We will be going back for sure!

Then Brian and I picked out the ceramic tile for the house on 17th St.  The house is painted and the tile is going down!  I am getting so excited.  This one is already rented and I know our renter is probably more excited than I am!  

Blue Tongues are Pretty Impressive!

Yesterday we had Miss Madelyn!  Love my Wednesday playdates!

We went to lunch with Grumpy or Bumpy, not sure what she is saying still on that one, and Uncle Nick.  We had to make a quick stop at the bank and Uncle Nick brought out a sucker for her.  She latched on to that one right away!

She was pretty impressed with her blue tongue.  All day long she kept talking about everyone having a blue tongue. She WAS the only one!!! 

I don’t know what the temperatures are where you are, but here they are brutal.  We’ve been keeping cool by staying inside as much as possible, soaking up the a/c.

Luckily, an icy cold Shakeology hits the spot for one of my meals.  If it stays this hot, I may have to enjoy more than one a day. 

I got the cutest new Shakeology cup!  Makes it even TASTIER!!!

Had the best day of pampering today.  I’ll tell you all about it in tomorrow’s post!!!

Discussion:  How are you staying cool?

boss in a green wig?

Miss Madelyn came over to play yesterday and we had a blast.  She helped me clean and of course in putting some shoes in the closet found my green St. Patrick’s Day Wig.  We had a lot of fun with it, who knew????

We played most of the day, watched (well sort of) a movie – Pochahontas, I was just glad for something other than Special Agent Oso (he’s a unique stuffed bear, you know.) and had lemonade and berries for snack.

She is really starting to develop a fun personality and even though she is bossy (wonder where she gets that) we always have a great time!

I always look forward to Wednesdays!

This morning I have Insanity Pure Cardio.  That is the hardest workout, but I still love pushing myself as hard as I can.  Yesterday’s workout seemed harder than usual (Plyo Cardio Circuit) and I’m hoping that I have more energy this morning!  Talk about a sweatfest.  EVERYTIME!

Today will be spent in my office.  It needs some attention, organizing and cleaning.  So, I’m going to take the time to get it done!

Discussion:  Any good organizing/cleaning tips?

Busy, Crazy Days!

Wow, it’s been a crazy couple of days.  It seems that is how my life is going these days.  It’s all good, but whew, I’m worn out!

I ended up meeting my father-in-law and nephew for a great lunch yesterday, then had some errands to run. Got in the door just in time to turn around and head out with Brian for a quick trip and then back home to watch Madelyn for the evening.  She was in rare form and was on the go NON-STOP!  She didn’t even want to slow down to eat. 

Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we had a Mexican feast! 

We couldn’t let the day go by without a margarita.  Skinnygirl style with my twist – strawberries and a couple drops of stevia – YUM!

Then we had chopped salad tostadas.  Double YUM!

I might have had 3!!

Brian added chicken to his, I rolled with the vegan version!

The Chopped Salad is one of my favorite recipes from Marilu Henner’s Healthy Holidays book.  If you don’t have this book, grab one today!  It’s one I go to all the time!  Of course, I love all her books, but for holidays and entertaining, this is a MUST!!

Madelyn finally wore herself out and laid down, not long enough to go to sleep before Mommy and Daddy got there, but Nona had to lay down with her.

It was a great day!

Pretty Toes!

I’ve had another couple of busy days.  Lots going on…..

It’s hard to take photos of yourselves with a 20 month old!
Especially when she can’t wait to see the picture before it is done taking!
Me see baby! Pease Nona!

I went to the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday.  I got some great things there.

I made the best kale chips!  They were so yummy!

Put them in the oven to crisp up

Drizzle with nutritional yeast, olive oil and salt mixture.
I just about ate them all myself!  Chase stopped by and he loved them, Brian and Madelyn wouldn’t touch them!
Yesterday I had Madelyn for the day.  We played, ran fast, pretended to be doggies and of course, piggyback rides and just had a blast all day long!
I might have created a monster – all she wants to do is stand in the window and look out at the scenery.

Feeding Grumpy grapes!

I find the strangest things in the strangest places after Madelyn has been here.

Painting Madelyn’s toenails.  She sat very still and was so excited!

Pretty toes!!!!
I have to say, even though I am completely worn out after Madelyn is here, I absolutely love Wednesdays!

My Madelyn Time!

I love Wednesday’s because I get my Madelyn time in. 

We have had a GREAT day, I’m worn out, she’s tired and a bit crabby, but so much fun has been had. 

We’ve run fast, hula-hooped, watched part of Sesame Street and Dora, looked for squirrels and birdies, talked about the tractor and the boat,

 had our Shakeology ice cream, ate lunch with Grumpy and Uncle Jake  ( she had onies and I had salad and minestrone ) and got new fancy shoes. 

Wow, what a day!

I can’t wait for next Wednesday to see what we decide to do next!

Discussion:  Do you have special days with certain people that you do different activities?

Gonna be a good night!

We are so excited, we get to keep Madelyn overnight!  YAY!

 Grumpy has big plans for the evening.  Books to be read, toys to be played with, movies to watch and cupcakes to eat!  It’s too cold and rainy to be outside, which is her favorite thing to do.


I’m sure Madelyn will let us know what SHE wants to do! 

Discussion:  Do you look forward to sending your kids to the grandparents for a date night?  Or are you the grandparent and look forward to having the baby spend the night?

read it again, peas

It’s a Madelyn day at our house today.  She is napping right now, so I am getting a few things accomplished.  How can you get anything done when that cute little face is looking at you, wanting to play,eat or just sit on your lap.  Nothing is more important in that moment!

The look of our house changes quite a bit when she is here:

Today Mads is into her new book DOG!

She has been slow to love this book, but it has happened.  Now it is all she wants to do, read it again, peas……

Her favorite page:
The tongue on the last dog is sticky, she loves to put her finger on it and say ewwwww

My favoite page, all dogs poop, all dogs pee…..  really do we need this in our books?

BUT, this is her very favorite part and we just found it today!  Kitty Cat!
One more time, peas????
How could I possibly say no?

Discussion:  do you have a favorite book from your childhood?