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Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! I’m excited for many reasons, but most of all because it is a day that we can all celebrate this beautiful planet we live on! 

What can we do to celebrate you might ask?  Good question!  I plan to pick up garbage and trash. I am still amazed that people are so trashy.  I was driving down the road yesterday and a little red car was in front of me.  The driver rolled down the window and threw out a napkin.  WHAT?  WHY?  I just don’t understand why people throw their garbage out for everyone else to pick up.  Can’t you wait until you get home?  What is the urgency of needing to throw it out the window?
I am also going to plant!  This year I am so excited, I am helping (well, kinda) my friends with their garden.  I will get to work it and then eat from it.  There is nothing as satisfying as eating something you have grown.  I also keep containers on my deck for tomatoes and peppers.  A couple of things I can’t live without in the summer months.  However, this year I am going to try planting my tomatoes in the ground.  They just haven’t produced many tomatoes the last couple of years.  I’m exicted to give this a try too!  I’ll be sharing photos and updates on both gardens!
I am also going to continue recycling.  We take our newspapers to the Humane Society.  They need them to line cages.  I love that I get to help out both the environment and the animals.  I also recycle our plastic and glass bottles ( although we have switched to a brita pitcher for water)  Highly recommend the Brita Pitcher.  Recycling in our town means that you have to haul it to the recycling center.  I will be so glad when we get recycling savvy around here.
I have been making some of my own cleaning supplies as well.  I love the Gorgeously Green Books for recipes and tips.  You can also make your own beauty supplies.  This is a lot of fun and there are a couple of recipes here on the blog for you to check out.  Just click on the recipes tab at the top and scroll down.  You’ll find them!  A great book for making your own beauty supplies is:  Organic Body Care Recipes.
Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle!

Discussion:  What are your plans for Earth Day and what are your tips for reducing, reusing and recycling?