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Fit Club Classes!

Every Monday I offer fit club classes to the public for no charge! Yes, I said no charge!!! You can come and try the Beachbody workouts before you decide which one to buy!! We have a great time and always get a good workout in.

Last night Krisit, Irene and Linde showed up for a little Ten Minute Trainer action!! We did the warm-up, cardio, lower body and yoga flex. It was a great 30 min workout. I really felt the skater lunges and the yoga was a nice way to end the workout. Good cool down and stretch. I really do love the yoga flex workout. Quick 10 mins of stretching/yoga. It moves pretty fast, but I always feel so good afterwards.

If you are interested in joining us, send me an email at and I’ll get you the details. No pressure, just fun and sweat!!

Hope to see you all soon on Mondays!!


November 6, 2008

I just finished Hip Hop Abs Sculpt 2. This one got me sweating!! I used the weighted hand gloves again. I love the Boom Slide and those plank moves are killer!!

Here is the Beachbody description of this workout:

Hip Hop Abs® Ultimate Results – $ 59.85
Take your results to the next level with 3 more advanced workouts. PLUS—get 96% more muscle activity with premium weighted gloves!

Ab Sculpt 2 Revolutionary ab-sculpting moves work your entire core to give you tight, toned, sexy abs—without doing sit-ups or crunches!

This is the second level of the Hip Hop Abs Series. I think that it is better than the first one. I got more of a workout. It has 20 mins of cardio abs and then 8 mins of floor work and then a cool down and stretch.

This video includes 1224 ab moves and 32 squats and 48 lunges.

I had a fun day yesterday. My friend and I went to Tulsa and met my parents. My mom got great news about her liver disease. YEAH!!!! We had a nice lunch and went to Whole Foods! I so wish we had a Whole Foods closer to home. I love having such great produce. I got the best honeycrisp apples. I know that I should have bought more, they are almost gone already. We had thunderstorms last night and tornado warnings. Strange for this time of year, but it has been so warm. I have been trying to get out and enjoy the weather for a little each day. I know that it will cool off before too long. I’m not ready for that.

Tomorrow is Booty Sculpt and the Booty Sculpt Challenge. I love the Dance Party Series of Hip Hop Abs. Probably my favorite ones of all the Hip Hop Abs.